Why the Indianapolis Colts should trade down in the draft


Simply put, the Indianapolis Colts are short on draft picks as it is.

And it doesn’t make sense to sacrifice more of them, in one of the most talented drafts the NFL has seen in a while.

The Colts have only 5 draft picks, none of which are in the first round. That pick was traded to the Cleveland Browns for Trent Richardson.

And trading future picks to get back into the first round would be another step backwards. It may seem rewarding now, but it would deplete the roster further down the road.

The Colts have some major contract negotiations coming up soon and they need to start finding the best possible bang for their buck, moving forward.

And the most efficient way to do that is through drafting well.

Trading back will increase the number of picks available to them, while, in turn, improving the odds of bringing in impact players.

Not every pick can be a hit, but the more a team has, the better chance they will have a successful draft weekend.

Unless there is somebody available that the Colts are absolutely in love with, the most beneficial strategy on the first weekend of May would be to trade down.

I love the aggressiveness that GM Ryan Grigson brings to the table, but at this point, the smartest move to make is to become reliant on the draft.

And that is precisely what I expect to happen. Trading down may not be in the books for 2014, but I can’t bet against that happening further down the road.

And I certainly don’t see them mortgaging future picks in order to move up in this year’s draft. But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens come May. Go Colts!