Minnesota Football: The QB battle will be intense this spring

Minnesota Gophers’ head coach Jerry Kill probably has no clue as to which quarterback will be starting for his team come next fall.

The surprising transfer of Philip Nelson has officially left the job open to one of three guys aspiring to lead the charge next season at QB.

The biggest concern facing the Gophers is whether or not any of these three names have what it takes to win in the Big 10 and become successful college quarterbacks.

Mitch Leidner started the team’s spring game yesterday, a game that according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune was not a dazzling performance by the redshirt sophomore. In practice, however, Leidner has looked impressive, learning the offense at a quicker rate and hitting targets with accuracy in practice. However, the lackluster performance in the spring game proves that Leidner is still very inexperienced under pressure, and that’s why things could get interesting.

Chris Streveler is a three star recruit that came in from Illinois. He is a dual threat quarterback with great speed and a solid arm, much like Nelson, the previous starter. If Leidner struggles, I expect him to be pulled for Streveler immediately.

Connor Rhoda, a Cretin Durham Hall star, seems to be on the outside looking in right now, but if both guys ahead of him struggle, which is a possibility I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rhoda get at least some snaps this season.

Kill is playing his cards right at the moment, Leinder deserves to get the majority of snaps in practice because he is improving over last year, a season full of ups-and-downs.

Minnesota cannot afford to be too patient with Leidner if things don’t work out. The time to start winning lot’s of games and becoming relevant in the Big Ten starts this season.