Why the Dallas Cowboys should trade up in the first round


The 2014 NFL draft begins on May 8, 2014 a little over 3 weeks away, and with it comes a wave of new talent coming into the NFL. That being said, the Dallas Cowboys have many pressing needs that they should look to fill in this year’s draft. And with that said I believe the only way the Cowboys can get the caliber player they need is by trading up in this year’s draft.

Jerry Jones has never been one to shy away from making trades both up and down in the first round in order to get a player he feels will address some of the weaknesses that the team had in the previous year. If you need more evidence, just look back to 2012 Draft when the Cowboys traded the 14th and 45th selections to move up to the 6th spot where they eventually selected DB Morris Claiborne. Now the merits of that trade can be debated because some would say that Claiborne has been a bust, but at the time many people viewed him as being the top defensive prospect in the 2012 Draft.

I believe that the Cowboys could make another trade in order to get into the top 10 picks in order to select one of the following DE Jadeveon Clowney, OT Taylor Lewan, or FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Each of these players could make a tremendous impact this season for the Cowboys, the most ambitious of which would be acquiring Jadeveon Clowney. While this might seem like a pipe dream, if a couple of things go right, then it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for it to happen.

First, the Houston Texans would have to select a QB with the first overall selection. Personally I believe they will select UCF QB Blake Bortles.

Next, the St. Louis Rams would need to select OT Greg Robinson. Because the Jacksonville Jaguars have the 3rd selection and they are in need of a QB, they would also select either Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel. If all of that were to happen, things will become very interesting within the Cowboys’ war room because the Cleveland Browns have the 4th overall selection as well as the 26th selection. If the Cowboys were to trade both the 16th overall selection and the 47th overall pick to the Browns they could then selected Clowney 4th overall.

This proposed idea would also benefit the Cleveland Browns because they would then have the 16th and 26th selections in the first round which they could then use to acquire a QB and dynamic WR. Granted, a lot would need to happen but if everything fell into place there is no reason why Clowney couldn’t be a Cowboy for the 2014 season.

The Dallas Cowboys are in need of young top tier playmakers that will make sizeable contributions for many years to come. But the only way the Cowboys can get the game-changing talent they need is to trade up in this year’s draft and select one of those talented prospects in order to help ensure that the 2014 season will be the year the Cowboys return to the postseason.

  • Vindro

    I have a gut feeling we are going to get a big name player in the top 4 of this draft. Last draft was just too boring and JJ wont do that two years in a row. I can foresee us snatching a Clowney or other marquee guy.

  • docmike

    Clowney will never get past #2 pick. If Houston goes QB, Rams actively shopping pick – most likely to Atlanta.