Why the Dallas Stars made the playoffs

Following the win against an injured St. Louis Blues team last Friday, the Dallas Stars found themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 2008. This wasn’t a coincidence, however. This came from strategic moves and a complete transformation of a crippled organization.

Rebuilding Success

Since the 2008 season which saw the Dallas Stars lose in the Western Conference championship to the Detroit Red Wings, the Dallas Stars have drastically altered their lineup. In fact, only one player remains on the roster from that team: Trevor Daley. The Stars have definitely had to make extreme decisions, but the current management and coaching staff have been comfortable with making the changes that are needed to take this franchise all the way.

Not only has the roster changed. We have witnessed a complete turnaround of this team in the past year. New management, new coaching staff, new jerseys, new logo, new colors, and a new style of play. This style of play has been led largely by the play of their two most dynamic players.


This unique nickname is for the most recent dynamic duo that has been created in the NHL, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are near the top of every offensive statistic in the NHL. Seguin (84) is 4th overall in points, while Benn (79) is tied for 8th. Both are also top 10 in goals, and top 15 in assists.

Offensive Production

While the duo scores the majority of points, the Dallas Stars aren’t just receiving offensive production from those two. The Stars have 9 players with 30 or more points. This is the same amount as the Anaheim Ducks, the NHL’s most offensively productive team in terms of goals per game (3.21). The offensive production has came from not only the second line, but also the third line, defensemen, and even players that have seen time on the fourth line.

Organizational Success 

This success isn’t only because of how the Dallas Stars have been performing. The successes of the Dallas Stars are also largely in part due to the successes of their affiliate teams, specifically the Texas Stars. Several players have been called up to play with the Dallas Stars and they have stepped up to the opportunity, becoming a huge factor in the success of the Dallas Stars this season. The performance of these players such as Colton Sceviour, Travis Morin, Patrick Nemeth, and goaltenders that are coming through the affiliate teams will determine the current and future successes that the Dallas Stars will experience.


The Dallas Stars will face the Anaheim Ducks and former Stars player, Robidas, for Game 1 this Wednesday at 9PM central time. 

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  • zaul

    Great story miss live in texas and see my stars and hear ITS LARCENY in the playoffs

    • http://isportsweb.com/author/walker Jordan Walker

      Thank you! Yes, the Big D has been waiting a long time for this one. I’m sure the city will go crazy the further into the playoffs the Stars go.