MSU football: spring offense off to a good start behind Connor Cook

In this week’s Detroit Free Press column, Jameson Draper takes a look at the Michigan State offense and reports that it appears to be coming together nicely in spring football practices so far. As always, the Free Press column begins here and ends at the freep website.



That seemed to be the buzzword during Michigan State’s open practice last Tuesday afternoon. Quarterback Connor Cook mentioned it over five times to the media after practice and if he talked for a longer period of time, the number would have likely just increased.

“Things are looking up,” Cook said. “Our receivers have an identity. Our running backs have an identity. Our offensive line has an identity. Our whole offense has an identity now. That’s what we didn’t have last year.”

The offense is planning – and expecting – to get off to a quicker start this year with that newfound identity under the helm of Cook. CONTINUE READING HERE.