New York Giants hoping to bag Sidney Rice for 2014?

Now that wide receiver Sidney Rice has been medically cleared, several NFL teams–including the New York Giants–have shown interest in the former Seattle Seahawks player.

Rice underwent knee surgery after an Anterior Cruciate¬†Ligament (ACL) injury during a game against the St. Louis Rams in October of 2013. He was forced to sit out the rest of the season due what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll at the time stated were, “symptoms of a concussion and a knee injury.”

The wide receiver has suffered several injuries in the past, all of which were serious enough to keep him from playing for a significant amount of time.

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Since Rice has finally received clearance to safely get back in the game and all it entails, it is expected that he will sign with a team within the next few days. He is one of the last big-name wide receivers left on the market to be snagged for 2014.

So, what’s the number one question now? Who is Rice planning to sign with? And aside from that,¬†which NFL team is willing to offer the most, because they want him the most?

There are two ways to look at this. The first is, which teams have been scrambling to pick up as many “good” new players as they can for 2014?

The list includes the Oakland Raiders, the Washington Redskins and the beloved New York Giants.

Even though they aren’t the only ones, these three teams did screw up in 2013. New York went out with an uncustomary failure of seven wins and nine losses. Oakland finished with an even worse count of four wins and 12 losses.

And then there was RG3’s team, the Washington Redskins, who crossed the finish line bearing three wins and 13 losses.

It’s safe to say that all three need some work, and in New York’s case, head coach Tom Coughlin has been working hard to make that happen. So far, the Giants have signed a new tight end, a running back, a wide receiver, a linebacker, a kick returner, a safety and a couple cornerbacks.

Talk about proactivity.

That being said, the other way to look at it is whether these teams actually need Rice. In New York’s case, with all those new inductions to the Met-Life Stadium’s finest, does Coughlin really need to make an effort to recruit Rice?

Maybe. Rice has proven to be an excellent player in the past. Even in the short eight weeks that he was able to play, he managed to score three touchdowns and a total of 15 catches for 231 yards. Not bad at all.

But the Giants have good wide receivers. They already signed a new one in Mario Manningham, so do they really need Rice on the roster, too?

Probably not, but the team has been known to make unexpected moves in the past. That is, if Rice even has an interest in going with them.

The former Seahawks wide receiver may turn out to be asset to the Giants if he signs, but it is possible that he’ll just be another multi-million dollar contract that does New York no favors next season.

And the truth will always be that one more player will never be the absolute key to success. Maybe New York has reached it’s all-star championship-winning limit for 2014, and it’s time to just sit back and watch these current players can do.

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