New York Yankees win early series match-up against Boston

Give me one second to celebrate this series win by the New York Yankees because you may not know this but my older brother is the black sheep/Red Sox fan of our family and he will be thoroughly disappointed that our first series match-up against the 2013 World Series Champions was a win for the New York Yankees and not for Boston. Poor boy.

Ok, celebration goes on the back burner for now and we begin to look forward to our upcoming games against the Cubs and the Rays this week. New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he fully intends for the Captain and short stop Derek Jeter to be active for Tuesday the 15th’s game against the Cubs in New York and with any luck he will be right. As discussed in my previous post Jeter is a major factor in the team’s journey to the playoffs this season. If he isn’t up to par it is totally respectable for him to sit out a couple games and rest up until he is, but we still look forward to his return to the field.

Jeter was the opposite of enthusiastic to sit out today’s game but seeing the team win he surely agrees with Girardi’s decision to play it safe and bench him to rest up his stiff quad. After all this is his last season in the league and he’s a smart man, he knows the importance of proper rehabilitation for injuries of all sorts. It is reported that there are no tests scheduled for his quadricep injury, but Girardi wanted to give his body some healing time to prevent any further and serious injuries from occurring.

After a struggle against the Red Sox on Friday the Yankees came back with two wins back to back to take the early season series by the horns. This is the attitude the New York Yankees need to continue with, and if they are able to the success will fall into their laps. McCann’s numbers are hardly impressive but Joe Girardi believes the catcher will show us his stability and continue to hit when it comes down to it. We, as fans, agree. As long as he doesn’t give up on the team and become a loose cannon we’re sure to see great things from him. After all we needed a closer and spending the pretty pennies it took to snatch him up better be worth it, this is not the year for slip ups.

Someone I haven’t mentioned to date is Ivan Nova. Having started in all three of the games he has played so far this season Ivan’s stats tell us he might be getting into the groove of things after a bad game against the Orioles on Tuesday the 8th. Nova pitched in 7 innings, had 8 hits and 2 runs and an ERA of 2.45 during today’s game. If we see him continue to improve and reduce the number of runs he allows we might have a pitcher worth bragging about. The changes he’s made since the loss to the Orioles on the 8th show that he’s trying and he has room to grow but helping the New York Yankees win their first series against the Red Sox is a big step in the right direction.

Winning such a big rivalry series so early in the season is a great boost for the New York Yankees’ confidence. Now if the team can hold onto that heat and carry it into their upcoming games they just might see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a long season ahead folks but with wins like this the New York Yankees are on their way to a successful one. Keep it up Yankees, we want a World Series win!

That’s the skinny on this series win, remember to check out my other Yankees posts too to get your latest and greatest on the Bombers from the Bronx.