North American LCS: bracket challenge update

So far, we’ve had a fair amount of people fill out the bracket for the North American LCS spring split playoffs. Unfortunately, I made that bracket using the playoff structure listed in the official LCS rules but I misread the seedings. Therefore, I had to go through and recreate the bracket, so here it is!

NA LCS bracket update

Download and fill out the updated bracket!

Playoffs begin this Friday at 3:00 pm Eastern. To help you with your bracket, here are my predictions! All match-ups are best of three games, except for the final which is best of five.


Team Dignitas vs Curse

This will be a closely contested match-up, and can go either way. I paid for picking against Curse in week 11, but I feel as long a Cruzer and Imaqtpie have solid games Team Dignitas can advance to play Cloud 9.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Coast

Counter Logic Gaming is too good and on a hot streak. CLG should win this in two games, unless Coast manages to get a game with ZionSpartan as Jax. CLG is a better team, though, so they should hardly struggle to advance.


Cloud 9 HyperX vs Team Dignitas

Cloud 9 should win this one in two games. Their team play is the best in the league, and DIG is too inconsistent to match up with that. Big games from Sneaky and LemonNation in the bottom lane.

Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming

TSM is struggling and CLG is hot. This should still be neck-and-neck however, and if TSM can adjust finally to the 4.4 patch after three weeks of it being active they can still win this. I think CLG still wins this, two games to one.

Fifth Place

Curse vs Team Coast

Another toss-up pairing, but I think Coast can pull it out. Whichever team loses I doubt will have much trouble coming out of the promotion tournament to remain in the LCS scene. Coast in three games.

Third Place

Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas

TSM may be struggling, but they know that they should have finished higher than this. I expect them to not hold back against DIG and win this one in two games.


Cloud 9 HyperX vs Counter Logic Gaming

CLG is good, but Cloud 9 is the best. They’ve proved it time and time again, and they have won games they flat out played horribly in and didn’t deserve. They will win this best of five in four games, as CLG is good enough to take one and hotly contest the rest. Cloud 9 is the best and they’ll prove it.