Fantasy Football: Johnson to the Jets: What does it mean for fantasy owners?

Chris Johnson Titans

The New York Jets added to their running back core Wednesday afternoon with the signing of former Tennessee Titan Chris Johnson.

The two-year deal has a base salary of $8 million with incentives, but the second year is a team option according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

It’s a low-risk, high reward move for the Jets, but what does it mean for fantasy owners?

It should reduce the number of owners who make the same mistake countless times and draft Johnson in the top two rounds.

It’s difficult to let go of the guy who led you to your first championship or gave you back-to-back finals appearances. I understand, I’ve been in those draft rooms where I’ve made the same mistake.

Johnson put up 2,006 yards with 14 touchdowns, including 50 receptions for 503 yards in 2009.

On a side note, someone tell me how Johnson earned the nickname “CJ2K.” That 2009 season was the only time it ever happened and it’s likely going to be his last.

Johnson’s likely to be the featured back in New York, but it won’t be as obvious as it was in Tennessee when often-injured running back Shonne Greene was siting behind him.

Johnson now enters a crowded backfield that was surprisingly effective running the football in 2013.

The Jets ranked sixth in the National Football League with 134.9 yards per game.

However, even with dual-threat quarterback Geno Smith in charge, the roster was filled with running backs that produced.

Chris Ivory racked up 833 rushing yards, mainly in the second half of the season and Bilal Powell carried the team through the first half of the season, finishing the year with 697 yards.

The Jets’ backfield was like grabbing a number in the deli line of a grocery store.

They had 11 players rush the ball for them in 2013 and the mobile quarterback situation only makes things worse with the signing of Michael Vick.

I’m telling you now: don’t waste your time drafting Johnson or Ivory anywhere near the first six rounds in any fantasy leagues this season. And don’t even bother drafting Powell.

It’s a win for the Jets, but not for fantasy football owners…unless you hate making decisions.

In that case, I just gave you one less problem to deal with come draft day.