MSU basketball: Remembering Princess Lacey (VIDEO)

Lacey Holsworth was an adorable little girl with a big heart. She was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age, and has just recently passed away. Here is the information for her Life Celebration Thursday night.

Her friendship with Michigan State Basketball’s Adreian Payne expands her story to world-wide proportions. Adreian’s relationship with Lacey is both heroic and inspiring. Here are stories and pictures of how MSU students have honored her at the Rock on campus.

The video is made to recap Lacey’s life and the connection that both her and Adreian have shared. It is important that we all remember Princess Lacey. I did my best to give her inspirational journey the justice it deserves. Make sure to watch all the way through to see both sections of the video.

First Song: Dancing With The Angels – Monk & Neagle

Second Song: Feel Again – One Republic

Credit for the Princess Lacey logo used at 5:50 goes to Nick DiCosla, and the “T-shirts for Lacey” group (@ShirtsForLacey).


  • Michelle

    Tears flowing. What a beautiful memoir.