New York Giants: Why drafting receiver is biggest need

Ever since free agency began March 11 and the New York Giants signed their first player, they have been constantly scrutinized about why the 2013 season was a failure. The holes, quarterback, offensive line, everything is under fire and everyone has an opinion on how they can achieve success. The Giants have successfully signed free agents and filled many spots that will aid to their previous mishaps however going into the draft there is still work that needs to be done. I believe that going into the 2014 draft the Giants need to plan for a productive wide receiver.

The Giants have used their free agent time wisely and picked up as many offensive linemen as they could. They have gained strong assets like Geoff Schwartz and also some risky additions. Trindon Holliday, Mario Manningham, and Travis Harvey, all at the wide receiver position, do not seem like the best guys that could have been chosen. Holliday’s size, Manningham’s previously torn ACL and PCL, and Harvey’s lack of development could potentially spell disaster for the Giants. Going into the draft they have a lot to consider.

New York Giants

Brandon Coleman

Straying away from top rated players in the draft I would like to see the Giants take Brandon Coleman. The Rutgers wide receiver was a potential first round draft pick in 2013 but decided to stay with Rutgers for another year. This decision has given adverse effects and now he is expected to go somewhere in the middle of the draft. Some say his game has declined but I think no such thing. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.65 and is in impressive shape. The standout factor is that the man is 6’6. Out of all of the skill position players eligible for the draft, Coleman is the tallest. His height alone will help score touchdowns. Coleman is an asset and is completely underrated.  The Giants are in the perfect position to take him and hopefully they do.

The Giants are also looking for support in Kellen Davis. He has signed for the tight end position that they needed desperately. Like the multidimensional position it is, Davis is more of a blocker than a receiver. By scoring Brandon Coleman they would have a man who can run the routes and catch the ball. This way Davis can focus on what he does best, blocking. Gaining another solid blocker will be beneficial for the offensive line. If they train Travis Harvey to work along side of Coleman the two can be a dynamic duo. They would not even have to worry about Davis’ lack of receiving. The line would take care of protection and Manning can do what he does best.

New York Giants


The wide receiver position is the most needed spot for the Giants going into the draft. Brandon Coleman could be a necessary and vital piece of the puzzle. He was a leader on the Rutgers team and that will be sure to follow to the NY. He showed great talent and determination at the combine and pro day. I’m excited to see where he ends up going because he will bring great skill and passion their way.