Washington football: Huskies unveil new uniforms

Today Nike released a new batch of updated uniforms for the University of Washington football team. Like many of the new uniforms coming from Nike these days, they are sure to resonate with the younger demographic while cause grumbling among the older fan base.

The new uniforms feature three different helmets, three jerseys, and four pants with which the dawgs can mix and match to their liking. The gold helmet and black helmet look to be fairly similar to last year’s models, but the white helmets got a quick update with purple facemasks being added.

Whether it is computers, web pages, or uniforms, it seems what is ‘in’ now is the sleek/flat approach when it comes to design. The huskies new uniforms are no exception. They definitely bring a level of modern to the huskies that the program had only flirted with in the past.

The real issue with me comes from the fact that the dawgs, again, are following in the footsteps of Oregon. Last year the dawgs caught some heat for copying the ducks with their new up tempo, no huddle ‘Oregon’ offense. With these new uniforms the dawgs appear to be following them again. I’m not saying that the dawgs are guilty of this, but whether it is true or not, nothing boils the blood of a dawg like being compared to a duck.

Furthermore, what separates the University of Washington from the other institutions of the Pacific Northwest is that UW is the premier university in the region. Academically and athletically. Because of that, the huskies don the colors purple and gold. The color of royalty.

Washington football

Although jerseys have changed, the gold helmet has been a staple of UW’s uniform.

Nothing expresses this better than the gold helmets worn by the football team. A golden crown atop the kings of the Pacific Northwest.

These new uniforms now feature three helmets to choose from. While I believe the gold helmets will still be worn predominately, it is only a matter of time before the gold helmets only make an appearance three or four times a season.

That is a sight that haunts my worst nightmares.

I understand that the uniforms are designed to make the players happy, not grumpy fans wearing them in the stands with beer stains down the front of them. I know these uniforms will drum up a lot of interest and conversation among the new batch of recruits the coaching staff is targeting. For that reason, I endorse the refreshed look of the uniforms. However, don’t expect to see me lined up outside the team shop waiting to get a new jersey.

But for old-school husky fans and college football fans in general, the updated look for the dawgs only further emphasizes the push away from the old and an ushering in with the new. I for one, just wish the change would come a little later.

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