New York Yankees double header shutout sweep

new york yankeesYou read that correctly boys and girls the New York Yankees successfully achieved their first double header shutout sweep since April 9th of 1987. Their 3-0 and 2-0 wins over the Cubs earlier this week gave the team a refresher on what it feels like to blow another team out of the water not once but two times back-to-back. Surely this felt good for the Bombers and their staff, bringing the team’s over all wins-losses up 9-6 and 6-3 at home.

Not only is this the most recent double header shutout sweep in New York Yankees history, their last one was in 1987 against the Royals, but also, according to statistics, the most recent double header shutout sweep in MLB history since 1988 when Minnesota swept Oakland.

Joe Girardi had this to say about the wins:

“It just goes to show you how well our pitchers threw. When you shutout a team for 18 innings you’re doing things right.”

And I don’t know anyone who would argue that point. The New York Yankees shutout the Chicago Cubs with what seemed to be ease and many players we’ve been waffling about got the chance to prove their power on the field even with the wintery weather.

Tanaka struck out 10 batters and allowed for only 2 bunt hits in his time pitching during the 2nd game of the day. His splitter pitch has gotten him 13 strike outs making his total 28 overall strike outs this season.

Carlos Beltran got a home-run for the 3rd straight game off of Chicago Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel in the first inning of the first game.

Michael Pineda pitched for 6 straight innings for the Yankees second shutout game against the Cubs, which gives us hope that his performance is welding together and may no longer be one big question mark for the team. When asked on his improved grip on the ball Pineda reportedly stated:

“I didn’t do nothing. I was focusing on throwing the ball good.”

And despite this game’s -40 degree weather and frigid winds making it the coldest conditions he’s ever pitched in Pineda did just that, throw the ball good.

This would be the fourth straight loss for Chicago whose overall record is now 4-10 and 2-6 in away games. The struggle was real as the Cubs went 9 for 61 or .148 at the plate, dropping their season average to an astounding .230, and struck out 17 times.  The Cubs racked up a total of 6 hits against two of the Yankees youngest and most powerful pitchers who rarely allow for walks.

This is certainly not the first time that the Cubs have lost in the Bronx and surely will not be the last. The team was swept in the 1932 and 1938 World Series as well as losing all three of their 2005 inter-league series games in New York.

Despite the rain delaying the Jackie Robinson commemorative game day festivities the Yankees chose to unveil a plaque in honor of Nelson Mandela just before the 2nd game of the day. Players on both the Yankees and the Cubs adorned #42 in honor of Robinson.

This is the kind of season I imagined for Jeter’s last. One filled with big wins, sweeps and shutouts. Making New york Yankees and MLB history is always a bonus as well. The Yankees got the shutout sweep in honor of the great Jackie Robinson, I’m sure! This is the kind of news that makes fans proud to love the Yankees and teams scared to face the Bombers.

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