San Francisco Giants: Lineup Change Needs to Happen

The San Francisco Giants are off to a great start to the season. They are 10-6 and tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers for first place. More importantly, they are 4-2 against their bitter rivals from the South so far in the season. That’s a positive, as whoever wins the head to head matchup between those two teams will go along way toward determining the division winner.

The Giants pitching has been pretty good, the bullpen outstanding and the starting pitching is making progress after starting out the season slowly.

The Giants offense is off to a great start so far this season. They are top 5 in the National League in runs scored, home runs and number 7 in batting average. The offense has carried the team thus far in the early part of the season while the pitching staff is trying to catch up.


Pablo Sandoval is off to a bad start to the season and yet Bruce Bochy continues to bat him third. That needs to change in order for the Giants to keep up their offensive production.Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Giants offense is good the one thing that remains a problem is the batting order. Giants manager Bruce Bochy has continued to bat Pablo Sandoval third in the lineup when Sandoval is by average the worst hitter on the Giants so far this season.

The third spot should go to your best hitter, and based upon the early season results that should go to Brandon Belt. Ideally Buster Posey would be the guy that you would want occupying that spot, but he hasn’t had a great start to the season and Belt right now is a better hitter.  Also Belt had lots of success batting third last year. In fact, most of his production came from batting in the third spot. Bochy has moved Belt between 2nd and 6th in the lineup depending upon the matchup ( righty or lefty), which makes no sense whatsoever.


Brandon Belt right now is the Giants best hitter and should be batting third. His best production also has come from that spot as well. CONNER JAY / PD

Instead of Bochy moving everybody in the lineup around, which is still a major flaw that he has as a manager, he should find a combination and stick with it. At least until guys start hitting better. Based upon the results this season the lineup should be as follows: Angel Pagan, Brandon Crawford, Belt, Posey, Michael Morse, Hunter Pence, Sandoval, and whoever gets the start between Brandon Hicks or Joaquin Arias.

Hitting Crawford second right now makes sense considering that he’s had success there before and he’s much more suited for that role than Belt or Pence. Belt and Pence are supposed to be your run producers. The second spot is designed for a high contact, fundamental hitter. Crawford isn’t exactly Scutaro, but he’s much better than the free swinging Pence and the power hitting Belt.

As good of a manager as Bochy is he tends to over manage at times. Changing the lineup so many times this season is a perfect example. If he goes with the lineup proposed or something close to that the Giants will be more consistent on offense.

  • Johnco

    If only the Giants would play fundamental baseball when it comes to moving baseball players over, especially when the other team’s pitcher is doing great, is great or you can see that runs will be hard to come by. It is always hit away, me, me, me, me. Just in past week their pitching has been great so if they would have bunted guys over instead of hitting double play after double play to kill rallies they might be in first place. In fact if they had always bunted when circumstances REALLY called for it they would have added about 10 more wins each year since I have been following them. So go back since 1958 and see how many PENNANTS they would have won. And to all you naysayers I don’t mean you have to bunt all the time, but they sure could more often with much better results. I am sure it will continue to be me, me, me, me and the results will more often then not double play after double play!

  • Dave Edlund

    At fan events he is the Giants player that signs the most and he goes out of his way to be a good guy! This was at the Giants TV commercial shoot for 2014 and he signed for every fan and did personal pics with them. You will never see that from the likes of Posey or Cain or Lincecum. He is the man!

  • Dave Edlund

    I think your proposed lineup is worth a try. I am sure Bochy is hesitant to make too many lineup changes, but I believe Belt is the best hitter on the team. I know there is fan bias against him because he is not macho enough, but last year for the 162 games season, he had the highest OPS on the Giants team with .841. I expect him to lead the Giants once again. The macho players will not put on the orange wigs, but that is why I love him so much. He is fun loving and real!

  • rd

    Better stick with school.