Indianapolis Colts: a look at the 2014 schedule

We do not yet know the dates and times of each game, but we do know who the Colts play at home and on the road, for both the pre-season and regular season.

Let’s take a look at the schedule and talk about some games to look forward to:


Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
New England Patriots


Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Denver Broncos

Games to pay close attention to:

Washington Redskins @ Indianapolis Colts – This is a matchup of the top two picks from the 2012 draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. We all know Luck is the better quarterback but it’ll be nice to see it proven on the field.

New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts – A rematch of the divisional round matchup, the Colts will have a chance to redeem themselves after being ran all over by the Patriots. This game was a big reason why the blue and white went out and got Arthur Jones and D’Qwell Jackson, to help shore up the defense, let’s see if those moves paid off.

Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos – Does this one even need to be explained? Last season’s matchup was spectacular. Yes, it was in Indianapolis, but it should be fun to watch these two great quarterbacks, leading super bowl contending teams, once again go at it. This will be can’t miss TV and most definitely a prime-time game.

This upcoming season should be fun to watch. Can it be here already? Go Colts!