Kansas City Chiefs: Draft-Cornerback is biggest need early

Kansas City ChiefsThe 2014 NFL draft is loaded with talent at wide receiver. If you were a betting man, odds are the Kansas City Chiefs will in fact take a wide receiver with their first round pick. However, I believe the Chiefs should look at the other side of the ball and possibly trade back and acquire an extra pick in order to draft a couple of cornerbacks in order to be able to compete with the receiving talent in the AFC West.

Kyle Fuller

If the Chiefs do keep their first round pick, Kyle Fuller would be a nice addition to the Chiefs defense. A senior out of Virginia Tech, Fuller seems to have the makeup of a solid defensive back in the National Football League. At just under 6 feet tall, Fuller is a very athletic and aggressive defender that has a good ability to play bump-and-run coverage that could play dividends for a team at the next level.

Jason Verrett

Verrett, a senior out of Texas Christian University, is listed at 5’9” ½ and 189 lbs. Although not particularly huge, Verrett plays bigger than he is. He was burned deep earlier in the season early in the game against Kansas State, but battles on every down and makes numerous plays throughout the game that give his team a chance to win. Verrett is a speedy cornerback that could be an every down guy in the NFL. He shows the ability to be very physical with receivers and shows he can adjust throughout the game in order to minimize successful plays for the offense to reoccur.

Jaylen Watkins

As a senior coming out of Florida, Jaylen Watkins could be a steal for the Chiefs in the third round of this year’s draft. Watkins plays on a Florida team with many NFL prospects and his play should not go unnoticed through all of them. Watkins is a hard-hitting defensive back that is not afraid of contact and is in on every play possible. He could be a real good fit in the Chiefs defensive scheme as he has the ability to match up against big receivers on a regular basis.


The Chiefs are going to need to be creative with their draft picks this year. There are numerous slots that need to be filled on the roster with limited picks. The smart decision may be to trade the first round pick for a couple of second round picks and try and go after some of the top-tier corners in the draft. The Chiefs proved in the second half of the season last year that their offense is capable of keeping up in a shooting with the opposition. However, when the Chiefs pass rushers went down with injuries, the secondary failed to maintain their assignments and the defense suffered tremendously.

It’s almost May, and that means the Chiefs are one step closer to capitalizing on the momentum of last season and competing once again in the AFC West.

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