NFL draft prospect that will help Minnesota Vikings the most

It’s seriously up in the air as to which player the Minnesota Vikings will select with the 8th pick in the NFL draft. The team has many needs on defense and offense, especially at the quarterback position.

Minnesota needs to think critically when selecting its first pick in the draft because there are so many great options that will be available to them.

However, I still believe that selecting a quarterback in the first round would be the best choice for Minnesota in the long run, but what quarterback gives this team the best long term solution?

That guy would be Blake Bortles from UCF.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching game highlights of Bortles and his play with UCF. I see a great upcoming leader, and a guy that possesses all the natural skills at the QB position. He reminds me a lot of Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers with his enormous frame for a quarterback.

Many draft experts are now saying that Bortles could land with the Vikings. Weeks earlier, they had him projected at number one overall, but I guess we all know that these draft projections change fast.

The fact that Bortles played for UCF, a school that competes in the American Athletic Conference could make teams with a top-five selection a little weary when deciding to select Bortles or pass him up. Many of the teams in the AAC are not relevant nationally in college football, therefore the level of play is not like it is in the Big 10, ACC, or SEC.

I’m not writing this post to bash the AAC, but scouts analyze players based on the teams they competed against during their collegiate careers. This could potentially affect Bortles’ stock in the draft.

Remember when the Vikings drafted Daunte Culpepper out of UCF? He was projected higher, but fell to the Vikings at number 11. I see the same scenario with Bortles in this year’s draft.

Culpepper panned out well for the Vikings, but I think Bortles’ attitude, body frame, and skill set will end up paying off even more  for the Vikings in the long run.

I fully expect Matt Cassel to be the team’s starting QB next season, but this would give Bortles a chance to learn from the veteran and step in if he struggles.

Minnesota would be the perfect place for Bortles because the Vikings will be patient with him and give him a chance to adapt to Norv Turner’s system.


  • sliver

    I still feel Norv Turner can get what he needs out of the QB’s we have now…go defense at no. 8, or trade down, get more picks and then still focus on defense…if a good QB is around later, then so be it.

  • jamed

    Well idk these other guys are talking about? But I to watch some tape on Bortles and trust me when I say at first I thought he was a bust but after I watch the tape in drinking the Bortles kool aid too. The guy is hungry and he’s smart and he works hard to be a team leader and after watching Zimmer talk yesterday he’s exactly what there looking for in a QB. O yea and he’s Big n Strong. So if I see a QB in the 1st I bet it is Bortles. I was on the Teddy wagon but I fell off of that cause of his size I think he might be a Vick hurt all the time.

  • Decease

    Fool. Stick to another occupation vs sports assessment.

  • RMS

    I think anyone making recommendations on what the Vikings should take in the draft should at least have the sense to wait and see how the players react to the new coaching staff, and how they respond to those coaches.

    There is very few (if any) of the analysts that are in agreement on their baing a “franchise QB” in this draft at all. And if we cant get a “franchise QB” out of this draft, then why waste the number 8 pick.

    Now I, for one, believe that Ponder will respond to Turners coaching and surprise a lot of people this year. But, for the sake of argument, lets say the Ponder pick was a waste of time. What YOU are suggesting is we waste ANOTHER pick on a crap-shoot.

    • Devin

      After the fruitless years with Ponder as a starter, I am saying there is not much doubt that Ponder was a waste of a high pick. If as you say he does have a turn around, it will be a clear indication of the quality of coaching on staff the last few years. Don’t hold your breath for a new and revised Ponder though, the kid just don’t have it.