Arkansas football: New jerseys and logo are here

After the long and highly anticipated wait, the Arkansas football team has new jerseys and a new secondary logo. The athletic department has teamed up with Nike to present a complete overhaul of athletic apparel across every sport and tonight at the Hogspys they were finally revealed.

Because of copyright issues, I cannot post the new logo or uniforms, but click on this link to see everything that Nike has been working on from the uniforms to the fonts.

New uniforms and logo.

Personally, I like the new football jerseys better than the ones used for last couple of years, and I like how they brought back a more traditional, less flashy look.  However, I really wish they would just go back to the ones used in 2006 with McFadden, Jones etc. seen here. They finally got rid of those awful shoulder graphics which makes them look tremendously better.

As for the new logo, I’m not a fan. At least they decided to continue to use the classic, running Hog as the primary logo. Also it will not be used nearly as much as the ‘classic Hog’ especially on uniforms, it is mainly for some apparel and small spots on the jerseys. (i.e. on the top chest of the football jersey.)

The new font looks great besides the ‘A’s. They just look a little odd because of the slash mark coming across the middle from the bottom right. A traditional ‘A’ with the mark coming straight across the middle would look much better in my opinion, but that’s just me. They were going for a whole unique, ‘razorish’ font though and they did that very well.

Notice the new ‘cardinal’ color does seem to be a tad bit darker, but hardly even noticeable. That was a big concern for many fans recently, but you can see that the changes were very minuscule.

Overall, the uniforms will look good on the field and if you don’t like them, chances are they will more than likely be changed in a year or two anyways.