Why the Boston Celtics missed the playoffs

Boston Celtics (Photo credit: blogspot.com)

Boston Celtics (Photo credit: blogspot.com)

The Boston Celtics finished with a record of 25-57 in this 2013-14 NBA season. That record put Boston at 12th in the Eastern Conference. Needless to say, the Celtics had an extremely disappointing and frustrating year. Obviously, the Celtics missed the playoffs and there are several reasons for that. The Boston Celtics missed the 2013-14 playoffs for three main reasons: they did not have Rajon Rondo for half of the year, they lacked consistent scoring, and they could not finish games.

Until mid-January, the Boston Celtics were without their superstar point guard Rajon Rondo. Without Rondo, the Celtics lack efficiency during their offensive possessions, great facilitation, and premier backcourt defense. Any team without their superstar is not quite the same team and not nearly as threatening. This was the case for the Celtics during the first half of the season. Even when Rondo returned on January 17th, it took the 6’ 1” point guard several games to return to his normal form.

Another reason why the Celtics missed the playoffs was because they lacked consistent scoring. With Pierce and Garnett being trading during last offseason, the Celtics would have questions arise as to whom on Boston would take over the scoring responsibilities. Many eyes pointed to the young forward Jeff Green. Green did indeed lead the Celtics in scoring this season with 16.9 points per game, according to ESPN Stats and Information, but 16.9 points is not nearly enough points from the leading scorer for a team to be relevant in playoff contention. Additionally, Jeff Green would be extremely inconsistent in his scoring. There were games where Green would have horrid shooting nights and then there were also some games where Green would appear to be the most dominant player on the court. Other Celtics could not be relied on to score as well, even Rondo, whose main job is to facilitate and not score, saw a rise in his shooting efficiency because of the lack of offensive firepower on the team.

Lastly, a third main reason as to why the Boston Celtics missed the playoffs is that they could not finish games well at all. There were many games this season in which Boston would have a decent-sized lead in the 4th quarter and they were not able to finish the games off. Teams would storm off crazy comebacks because the Celtics would have either mental lapses on defense, turn the ball over multiple times, and have complete lulls in their offensive game allowing teams to surpass them and prove victorious.

Summarily, the Boston Celtics struggled mightily this season; way more than Celtics fans have seen in recent years. Alas, Celtics fans need to place their trust in Boston’s front office led by general manager Danny Ainge. Boston has many opportunities to address issues with the NBA draft and NBA free agency ahead. Keep your heads up, C’s fans, the future is bright.