The New York Giants: why Larry Webster should be noticed

Bloomsburg University held their pro day earlier this month with 14 NFL teams in attendance. The division two school is located in northeast Pennsylvania and has been flying under the radar. Out of the 15 athletes working out and showing their skills the top prospect is defensive end, Larry Webster Jr.

New York Giants

Larry Webster

The Eagles, Patriots, Jets, Falcons, Vikings, Saints, Seahawks, and many others were there to see Webster’s talent. All of those teams are well and good but where were the New York Giants? The Giants love a player who can be a project for them to mold and work with, so why not send a scout to see what he has to offer? Clearly by not sending anyone they have no interest or are unaware of what he can do.

Webster is a defensive end who is projected to be picked up in the fourth or fifth round of the draft. The basketball star turned football player is 6-foot-6 and 252 pounds. His body size and speed are on point and show natural ability to play the game. His vertical jump was recorded at 36 ½ inches and he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.58 seconds at the NFL combine, the second-fastest time among DEs behind only Jadeveon Clowney. Almost matching Clowney’s speed should drive his draft potential higher. His arms are 33 ½ inches long and hands are 10 1/8. He had 49 tackles in 2013 and was a finalist for the Cliff Harris award.

The son of former NFL defensive end Larry Webster completed pro day by catching every ball thrown his way. He showed his versatile skills at tight end, defensive end, and linebacker. Webster Jr. clearly has been bred and taught how to play the game. With his large athletic build he ran with ease and showcased his route running ability and participated in tight end drills. He shined as a defensive end for Bloomsburg and I think that is where he feels most comfortable playing. However, he showed the scouts what they wanted to see and did it well.

Going into the draft the Giants are supposed to be working on their defensive line. With the loss of Justin Tuck and Linval Joseph, the line will not be what it once was. Larry Webster can be that underrated player that will make a difference for this rebuilding team.

His raw talent can be harnessed to make him who they want him to be. He has had limited college football experience, with only two years under his belt, but this allows the Giants so much room for change. He hasn’t been playing for years with terrible skills; he’s been playing extremely well for only two but can be a real talent. Webster is a gifted athlete who with the proper guidance from Perry Fewell and the rest of the defense coaches can be an enormous asset to the Giant defensive line.

The Giants already signed Robert Ayers as defensive end, but he just doesn’t do it for me. He didn’t seem to have an enormous presence on the field with the Broncos like Justin Tuck did with the Giants. The Giants are in a desperate position and the need for this position to be filled is dire. Larry Webster could be a great choice for the team and should be considered. He’s from a little known university but he should not go unnoticed going into the draft.