Philadelphia 76ers: Season grade

The 2013-2014 season finally coming to an end for the Philadelphia 76ers could not be any more relieving. The Sixers finished the year 19-63 and were nearly just as bad as the all-time worst 1972-1973 team, which only won nine games.

With a team constructed the way the Sixers were, it was basically a guarantee they would have a season as horrible as they did. Despite the fact that the Sixers knew they were going to throw the season away before it started, the overall grade they deserve for the year cannot be any higher than an F.

Throughout the season, the Sixers struggled on both ends of the court. At times they had trouble scoring the ball, and also had no ability to stop their opponents on defense.

Statistics typically determine how a team does during the course of a season. For the Sixers, their overall team statistics definitely indicate why they did so poorly this year.

As for offensive production, the Sixers were towards the middle of the pack when it came to scoring the ball. The Sixers averaged 99.5 points per game which was good for 19th in the league.

Even though they scored an acceptable number of points, their overall offensive production was subpar. As for their total offensive efficiency, they were at the bottom of the league at only 96.8%.

One reason their efficiency was so low because the team shot a terrible field goal percentage. On average, they would make 37.9 shots out of 87.2 (43.5%) which was second-to-last in the league to the Chicago Bulls.

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In years past, the Sixers typically had success shooting the three. Like many other aspects of the game, they struggled in this department as well.

Their season average for three point percentage was last in the league at just 31.2%. This number is even more discouraging because they ranked in the top-half of the league in three-pointers attempted.

The Sixers were not finished there in league leading categories, as they were also last in the league in taking care of the basketball. They averaged the most turnovers at 16.4 per game, which is one reason why their defensive numbers were so horrific.

Just like on offense, the Sixers led all the wrong categories on the defensive end of the court. For starters, they surrendered the most points per game as they let up an average of 109.9 points.

Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Clippers

They ranked towards the bottom of the league in opponent’s field goal percentage and they allowed the second most three-pointers per game. The amount of points they gave up per game compared to the amount of points they scored was -10.4, which is a recipe for failure.

It is no secret as to how the team struggled mightily on both ends of the floor this season. There is no way that a team can lead the league in all of the wrong categories and realistically have a chance of winning in this league.

With that being said, the overall numbers did improve towards the end of the year. They played better defensively, and they started to get more offensive production.

Some of the players on the Sixers roster appeared to be getting more comfortable as the year went along, and proved that they deserve another opportunity. There were also many players on the team that showed they lack the ability to play at this level.

There were a few positives to take away from this season, but overall it was just one that needed to come to an end. The Sixers will continue to get younger with draft picks and filter out different players throughout upcoming years.

Stage one of the rebuilding process has now been completed. It will be interesting to see what the Sixers organization now does as they try to get over this miserable year and move forward.

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