Manchester United Sack Manager David Moyes

As confirmed on the club’s official Twitter account, Manchester United have released news that they have decided to sack their current manager, David Moyes.  After the 2-0 loss to a on-the-rise Everton, Manchester United felt a need to change managers for the hope of saving the club from further disappointment and false hopes on a return to form.  After a poor 10 months in charge at Old Trafford, Manchester United have appointed Ryan Giggs as the temporary coach and will take over the team’s functions for the final three matches immediately.

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From the beginning, everyone knew that attempting to fill Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes was always going to be difficult and it would be deemed the hardest available job in the world at the moment.  Even Sir Alex knew this and after his last match as Manchester United boss, he pleaded with the fans to put faith and trust in what the next manager was going to do with the club.  Sir Alex handpicked David Moyes as they had a lot of similarities but something never felt right when Moyes took over.

Throughout his 10 month period as Manchester United boss, poor form and negative tactics were employed at the helm and the squad currently sit in 7th place.  This is caused a lot of problems as many players started speaking out and some went against the clubs wishes and violated after hours policies.  As any manager would, Moyes had to stamp his authority on this squad and he had to deal with many egos such as dealing with the Robin vanPersie and Wayne Rooney dilemma along with Kagawa and new recruit, Juan Mata.  Having a set formation in order to have these four players involved in the formation seemed unrealistic as they didn’t bring in the right players to shore up their weaker areas within the squad.

Manchester United lack the same passion they had under Sir Alex.

Manchester United lack the same passion they had under Sir Alex.

Manchester United thrived in a hybrid 4-4-2 which allowed Carrick, Rooney, and vanPersie to play to their strengths.  Just last season, the Red Devils were playing attacking football and took risks in going forward.  Manchester United were always perceived as a fearless side with the ambition of winning every game no matter what the costs were.  That motivation was built off the constant success that Sir Alex brought to the club and he almost single handedly revolutionized the club.  Now when you see the team play, they lack that sort of ambition and direction as they tend to play the same approach that David Moyes used at Everton.  They played as if they were one of the smaller clubs and attempted to negate the opposing team’s main threats with no success which led to the team’s downfall and eventually Moyes’ downfall.

Manchester United announced that Ryan Giggs will take over the club’s remaining three fixtures to fix whatever is left of their dreadful season.  Not only do the board have to look for a successor for David Moyes, but they will have to revamp the squad this summer as most of the players on board don’t have the desire to win or have the passion to have what it takes to play for a club like Manchester United.