VCU Basketball: Why Justin Tillman may fit perfectly in Reddic’s place

Seeing Juvonte Reddic graduate and move on with his basketball career is hard for fans that enjoyed watching his exciting four years at VCU. On the other hand they may also enjoy hearing why Justin Tillman may fit perfectly in Reddic’s place. Reddic was averaging at 11.8 PPG and 8.4 RPG as he ended his career as a Ram, all while shooting just over 50% in the paint. His ability to run the game in the paint and to maintain being a critical scorer for the team means he will leave a big void in the lineup for VCU.

Juvonte Reddic will be missed by VCU fans (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Juvonte Reddic will be missed by VCU fans (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Earlier this week Terry Larrier was predicted to be the top impact player for the team next season. Tillman comes in a close second and therefore deserves some spotlight as well. Tillman, 6’7”, recently won MVP of the 3rd Coast Hoops All-Star game with 39 points. In addition to being the most valuable player he also won the dunk contest.

When looking at his upcoming career as a VCU Ram, Tillman looks as though he will fit right in with Coach Smart’s squad. Coach Smart greatly aided Reddic in his development on the court and with the similarities between the two, Tillman looks to be a great student as well. One perk of Tillman’s is that he has sheer athleticism. The way he plays and utilizes his athleticism is key because many players never hone in on this trait. He is very quick and reads the court well which enables him to utilize any play he can at any time.

Justin Tillman looks to be one of the est impact players for VCU basketball's class of 2014 (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Justin Tillman looks to be one of the best impact players for VCU basketball’s class of 2014 (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

One of his best skills is his ability to shoot in the paint. Reddic was the man for this job in the past, so the Rams can benefit from having a player with similar skills. Tillman is a little bit faster than Reddic which is exciting for fans who know what Coach Smart is capable of creating on the court with quick players. With Tillman’s ability to power through plays and to shoot in the paint, he has the potential to earn a spot on the court.

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  • wmchase65

    Melissa – 10 games into Justin’s VCU career, and this post makes you look like a fortune teller…Tillman appears to be getting better with each passing game. IMHO, I thought Reddic struggled last year, yes, he provided offensive production, but to me he seemed rushed, and missed a lot of close range shots…as of now, I don’t see this with Tillman, the kid looks focused and has a nose for putting the ball in the basket…at this juncture in the season, I don’t see how you keep Tillman out of the starting line-up…when he’s on the court, good things happen…