Should Will Hill be removed from New York Giants roster?

New York Giants

Will Hill

The New York Giants have hit a snag with 16 days left until the draft: safety Will Hill has failed yet another drug test. In 2012, he failed a drug test for use of Adderall and in 2013 for marijuana usage. He was also arrested in 2013 for unpaid child support. The cause of his failure this time around is uncertain but it has come at convenient time for the team. With the draft around the corner and his possible 6-game to yearlong suspension, Hill should just be replaced.

Because of the previous drug test failures, Hill missed multiple games the past two seasons and enough is enough. Hill clearly does not care that he is consistently handicapping his team because of his actions. Hill’s behavior cannot be dismissed because this is a pattern we do not wish to see with the other players. Jerry Reese has previously warned his team that they would be cut first sign of something wrong and I don’t think he was bluffing. One delinquent on a team is enough but multiple would be damaging. They allowed him on the team with his questionable past and now it’s coming back to bite them. Swift action for removal would set a precedent for the rest of the team.

Hill is planning on appealing the suspension but I don’t think they’ll keep him around. There is no denying his skills as a football player but this is an example of his character. Yes, Hill is a vital player to the game but with Quintin Demps now on the roster Hill’s position is an easy fill.

In addition to Demps, the Giants have Stevie Brown, Antrel Rolle, and Cooper Taylor. Hill will be missed but the defense will surely recover. These four men are no Hill, but they are more then qualified to play this position and do it well. The defense still has the depth it needs to make something happen this upcoming season. If the Giants still aren’t comfortable with where they stand the draft is right around the corner and the proper adjustments can be made.

If Hill is released it’ll be no skin off the Giants’ back. He will be owed $570,000 and that would be that. He has no attachment to the team and Hill will be no more. I would like to see him get picked up by another team because he is just too young and too good to never play again, but just not for the Giants. He is too much of a burden to deal with. The Giants team is run like a well-oiled machine and they aren’t going to keep someone around who’s bringing the team down no matter how they feel about him as a player.

With the draft 16 days away its crunch time for the Giants to decide what they want. They can keep the safeties as is and focus their time and money on other places. Members of the team spoke for the first time Tuesday and are just as excited as we are about the new moves the team has made.

“I love what they’ve done,” said safety Antrel Rolle, one of the Giants’ captains. “I think they’ve made some great moves, some explosive moves, guys that can come in and contribute right away and help this team win.”

It wont be long now to see what else the Giants have up their sleeves!