Philadelphia 76ers: Who stays?

With the Philadelphia 76ers 2013-2014 season now more than a week old, the team will have plenty of decisions to make with players on their active roster. Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young appear to be safe, but it is up in the air for everyone else. Some players are still signed through next season, but the team has to decide on which of these players they want to keep.

Five Players to Keep

1. Henry Sims


Henry Sims is still under contract for next year, but he has shown his value and may be a player the Sixers keep for multiple years. After coming to the Sixers from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sims played well in his two months in Philadelphia. He started off a little slow, but as he got more reps in games and practice, he was able to be much more productive. He was then even inserted into Brett Brown’s starting lineup and stayed there for the remainder of the season. In 26 games with the Sixers, he averaged 11.8 points per game along with seven rebounds. With the Sixers having Nerlens Noel coming back next season, Sims may be given the role as a bench player for Coach Brown.

2. Tony Wroten

Tony Wroten has filled MCW's shoes well at PG

Michael Carter-Williams certainly received most of the praise this season as the starting point guard, but Tony Wroten definitely proved he is a solid back up. In 72 games, Wroten averaged 13 points, with three assists, and one steal per game. His numbers were not eye opening, but he showed he has the potential. He has plenty of raw talent, but needs to continue to play and learn how to correct his flaws. If he is to spend another couple years in Philadelphia, he can continue to grow and be a valuable addition off the bench. He even showed that he can play well with Carter-Williams, which is indeed a bright sign for Sixers fans.

3. James Anderson


James Anderson has been up and down all year for the Sixers, but he is a three point specialist which is something the Sixers desperately need. As a starter for most of the year, he averaged 10.1 points per game and shot the three at 33%. His numbers were not great, but he proved he has the ability to shoot the lights out when he gets in rhythm. On two separate occasions this year, Anderson scored over 30 points in a game. He also showed his durability as he played in 80 games this season, only missing two. He may not be a long-term solution for the team, but can be another solid sixth man for the next couple of years.

4. Hollis Thompson

Washington Wizards v. Philadelphia 76ers

When Hollis Thompson came to the Sixers, he too was referred to as a three point specialist. He got off to a very slow start in his first NBA season, but improved greatly as time went along. In the beginning of the year, he came off the bench and did not really contribute in any way, shape, or form. As the season progressed, Thompson got more of an opportunity and found his shot, especially from behind the three point line. In the final month of the season, his three point percentage was an impressive 48.3%, which was a direct result of him being a starter. Towards the latter stages of the season, Thompson was placed in the starting lineup for good where his offensive game tremendously improved. The Sixers organization very well may want to keep Thompson around and see if he can play with the same poise he did in the final two months of the season.

5. Jarvis Varnado

jarvis varnado

More than halfway through the season, the Sixers signed Jarvis Varnado to a 10-day contract. He played well and was signed for the remainder of the season. In 23 games with the Sixers, he scored 4.3 points per game and 2.7 rebounds. Although these numbers are subpar, he like several other Sixers, showed improvement as the season went along. He did not have much of a role early on, but he earned more minutes later in the season. Varnado is a capable defensive player that takes pride in his shot blocking ability. It is a tossup as to whether or not the Sixers want to bring him back next year. If they are to keep him, it will not be too costly as his contract is only a little over two million dollars through the next two seasons.