Oakland Raiders: Terrelle Pryor traded

Last week the Oakland Raiders traded quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the Seattle Seahawks for a 7th round draft pick. Pryor started nine games last season, completing 57% of his passes for 1798 yards with a TD:INT ratio of 7:11.

Pryor wasn’t the greatest starter for Oakland. He made a lot of bad decisions and lacked awareness in the pocket. A sprained MCL in midseason opened the door for underwhelming undrafted rookie Matt McGloin to take the job. The biggest asset Pryor had over McGloin was that Pryor had a splash play element that could open the offense.

Oakland Raiders

Pryor outran the entire Pittsburgh defense to open the game

McGloin struggled exceedingly, but still got the starting nod over a healthy Pryor late in the season. At this point, the writing was on the wall that the coaching staff was done with him. Even his release showed how little the team cared for him.

Although he performed well in week 17 against the Broncos, the Raiders still planned to get a new signal caller. They traded for embattled Houston starter Matt Schaub, and stated that they see McGloin as a good backup, leaving Pryor out of the fold.

The team stated they wanted to cut him or trade him before offseason activities opened, so he would not be a distraction. The Seahawks are a perfect situation for Pryor, where he can sit behind an up-and-coming Russell Wilson and veteran Tavaris Jackson. In addition, the Seahawks have the opportunity to use Pryor as a multiple position offensive weapon.

The compensation isn’t stellar for Oakland. A 7th round pick means they were extremely desperate to get rid of him.  If the Seahawks had not offered the pick, the Raiders would have likely cut him, where he wouldve been subject to waivers, where any team could have picked him for no compensation.

His teammates weren’t exactly shocked when the news was broken.

“Nothing surprises me at this point in time in my career. I’ve seen a lot happen in my seven years here in the organization. Nothing surprises me. As a team, we just wish him the best and thank him for what he did here and wish him the best.” said fullback Marcel Reece.

Obviously the Seahawks saw something in Pryor enough to give up a draft pick. Now Pryor has the opportunity to sit and learn on a Super Bowl caliber team.

  • Jaime Olguin

    Are you minding dude, Matt was a way better QB then
    Pryor,look at the game film, better in the red zone better
    in just about everything other then Pryor had the speed
    no way Pryor was better than Matt.

  • otomis

    Blabla Lewis. For whatever reason Pryor did not get it done. He wanted out of Oakland because he wanted to be the starter. So where does he go? Seattle where he has absolutely no chance at being the starter. He is out of Oakland because he no longer wanted to be in Oakland, just like Veldheer, Jennings, and Houston. Reggie wants players who want to be in Oakland because he wants players who are committed to the team and does not want players who may complain and infect the rest of the team with their negativity. Plain and simple.

    • D Lewis

      Do you blame Pryor, Reggie and DA will be gone this year so its a mute point. They cannot evaluate talent, just look @ the two QB’s they traded for, Schaub and Flynn, proving losers. And pls dont give me Schaubs passing stats, cause @ the end of the day he’s had a top 5 RB, Top 5WO, Top 10 TE, and a Top 5 DEFENSE! With no playoff wins to show for all those passing stats!

  • Brutus

    If all the Pryor supporters are right, he should beat out Tavaris in the preseason for the back up job and be seriously challenging Wilson for the starting job next year. He’s got all the tools now that they said he didn’t have in Oakland, whether it be an offensive line, wide receivers, a running game or great coaches who develop young QBs. But that is not going to happen.
    He got beat out by McGloin because McGloin ran the offense better, scored more points and the coaches were able to use more of the playbook. McGloin was far from perfect, but he was a UFA who played like a 4th or 5th round developmental QB. Pryor may get a little better, but the skills he lacks are not the skills you learn at this point in your career to be a consistent starter in the NFL.
    I thought it was the right decision for him to be the starter at the beginning of last season, and had high hopes for him and us – but the Pryor we saw last year is about as good as he will get. I think Seattle hopes to showcase him in the next two preseasons and in a few offensive packages during the regular season that are favorable for his skill set, so they can generate the kind of interest in him that teams are showing in Mallet now, and in QBs like Kolb, Flynn, Anderson, etc. in the past. They are hoping someone will overpay and they will get a return on their investment. I don’t think they have any long-term plans for Pryor as a Seahawk.

    • D Lewis

      Brutus the QB guru..STFU

      • BamBamBigelow

        STFU D Lewis you racist prick…..proof has been posted and you still run your mouth

        • D Lewis

          Bigelow what proof, twitter thug..lol

      • otomis

        STFU up is not a discussion nor an argument nor a rationale. What it is, is a reason to ignore your post because it is obvious you have nothing to add. Grow up.

  • BigOleTDs

    “McGloin struggled exceedingly, but still got the starting nod over a healthy Pryor late in the season.”

    I find that comment hilarious…where are the stats supporting that to compare to McGloin. The fact is Oakland scored about 10 more points per game with McGloin in the game and he was able to run the offense.

    • Dah Bone

      MCPRAYER through up more jump balls that Raider receivers came down with–that luck will not hold out. His pass completion percentage was lower than Pryor’s. Pryor was a far better prospect to help the team in future than McGloin… folks have their favorites…but check the stats…while the knock on Pryor was pass efficiency… he did better than McPrayer and a lot of other Raider QB’s from past. And he will get better. And the bottom line with Al was win, baby, win… with Allen it is Excuse, baby…blame the players… and with McGloin it is pray, baby pray… and this year it will be–for McKenzie… “blew it on Pryor, baby, blew it!”…(shouldda fired the silver-spoon coach)

      • D Lewis

        I agree 1000%

        • otomis

          4th and 48 because Pryor ran backward 3 plays in a row. You can blame the line, you can blame the coaches, or you can blame Pryor for not throwing the ball away and taking 3 consecutive sacks.

          • D Lewis

            Same three sack in a row happend to Flynn also, so there must be a correlation With the play of the o-line. And I guarantee U were cringing everytiime u saw Khalif Barnes in the game.

          • otomis

            May be true but McGloin does not have Pryor’s mobility so Pryor’s sacks were less excusable. They both displayed questionable decision making. I just feel Pryor’s were the worst of the two. He should have stayed and switched to receiver. Run reverses and let him throw every now and again

          • D Lewis

            I dont care how moble a QB

          • Rev. Mathews

            Pryor 4 years in the league, McGloin is a rookie…I would hope he has some questionable decisions. I agree McGloin was the lesser of two evils and a lot more potential.

      • otomis

        The reason for that was poor o line play … mcgloin figured might as well let it rip than get buried for a loss. He may be small and not nfl but he is isn’t stupid.