Oakland A’s: The stadium saga continues

O.co Coliseum

O.co Coliseum

The Oakland A’s stadium saga continues this week after the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority released a press release on Tuesday announcing to the world the 10-year lease proposal they presented Oakland Athletics. Even though it did not state the details of the offer, it did point to the fact that this deal would give the Oakland A’s and their fans a home for the next decade. Additionally, the press released identified all the new upgrades that had been made to the stadium during the off season, which was suppose to demonstrate the effort the Authority has made to improve the O.co Coliseum for the players and the fans as well as hint to the fact that more enhancements are planned for the future.

The Authority had hoped that this press release would show the team and the public that the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority was serious about striking a lease deal with the Oakland A’s. But the Athletics did not like that the Authority was discussing their private negotiations with the media. The Oakland A’s fired back by publicly rejecting the proposed 10-year lease offer since it did not address all of the issues the Athletics would like resolved.

After the A’s rejected the 10-year lease proposal, the Authority told the press that the Athletics owed about five million in back rent, which only added fuel to the fire. A’s president Michael Crowley quickly released a counter statement that denied that the Athletics organization owed any rent money. So why can’t the Athletics and the Authority see eye-to-eye?

The A’s have repeatedly stated that the O.co Coliseum is not a stadium conducive for baseball. It seems as though in order for the stadium to really benefit the Athletics and the game of baseball, there would need to be either some major renovations made to the existing Coliseum or a whole new baseball stadium would have to be built. However, the Authority believes that minor upgrades, such as renovating the clubhouse and repainting the stadium, is enough to fix the problem.

It is also believed that the A’s are still holding on to a sliver of hope that they will be able to move to San Jose or somewhere else in the Bay Area. If this is the case, the Authority is going need to do something drastic to keep them in Oakland since the two other prominent sports teams want out of the city as well. The Golden State Warriors recently announced that a piece of land they purchased in San Francisco will become the new home for the basketball team. Additionally, the Oakland Raiders failed to meet the deadline to submit a letter of intent to stay in Oakland.

With the Warriors moving and the Raider’s desire to stay in Oakland in question, it looks as though the odds may be ever in the Oakland A’s favor. If Oakland wants to have a sport team’s home field in Oakland, it looks as though the Athletics may be the only takers. The ball is in the Athletics court, and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority will have to wait and see what the Oakland A’s propose. Let’s just hope a new plumbing system is a requirement.

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