Indianapolis Colts: Phil Costa retires and what that means

This was quite the shocker: center Phil Costa retires after signing a 2-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts only a few months ago.

To add to the shock-value, Costa is only 26-years old. Though, it is quite understandable that he just couldn’t take the mental strain of the NFL anymore. And I am also sure he wants to have a healthier lifestyle for the remainder of his life than football offers.

But this is a good news, bad news situation for the Colts. Costa didn’t seem to be the best of centers, most Cowboys fans complained he could barely snap the ball correctly (good news). However, he was our only safety net behind second year player Khaled Holmes (bad news).

Holmes has only played 12 snaps in the NFL, so he’s not much of a sure thing either.

This clearly creates a desperate need at the center position for Indianapolis and it’s not good to have such a glaring hole going into the draft.

They certainly could pick up a backup from the current free agent pool, but it doesn’t seem likely.

I do like Jonathan Goodwin, but he is 35-years old and I don’t know if GM Ryan Grigson would want to bring him in or not.

This means the Colts might have to spend an early round pick on a center while filling other needs in the latter half of the draft.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but this position desperately needs to be addressed now and I expect that to happen in the next few weeks. Go Colts!