Indianapolis Colts: three late-round sleepers to target part 2

All this talk about the front end of the draft is great, but finding a diamond in the rough late is the best feeling there is.

So, how about we dive right in and discuss some prospects that could potentially be that dark horse for the Indianapolis Colts? Ready, set, go:

Bryan Stork, C, Florida St.

After the surprising retirement of center Phil Costa, the Colts are in desperate need of depth at that position. According to Walter Football, Stork is a 4-6th round prospect and the 5th ranked center in the draft, while CBS sports has him in the 5th round range.

This guy has the makings of a very solid center: he is a good leader, great awareness and very technically sound. He manned a national championship winning offensive line and helped dominate their competition in the 40 games he started.

He also played a little guard in college, though he may not have the strength for that to translate to the NFL. His biggest knock is his lack of intangibles, but with his technical prowess this could be overcome. He reminds me a lot of long-time Colts’ center Jeff Saturday. He would be a solid pickup to add some depth behind Khaled Holmes.

Michael Sam, DE/OLB, Missouri

This is a name that most people, including non-NFL fans, have heard of. Sam recently came out as gay which caused quite the media stir. But, if any locker room can handle this storyline with the utmost class, it would be the Colts.

And the Indianapolis front office seems to think so too, as they have been reported to show heavy interest in Sam.

CBS sports has him listed as a 7th round to undrafted free agent, while walter football has him as their 21st defensive end and in the 5-7th round range.

His draft stock fell mightily because of his poor performance at the combine and mediocre showing at the senior bowl. But Grigson loves guys whose stock’s fall due to workouts, and Sam would be no exception.

Sam was a consensus All-American and SEC defensive player of the year with 11.5 sacks in 2013. Sam could be quite the steal in the back end of the 2014 draft, for a team that needs help with its pass rush.

Cody Hoffman, WR, Brigham Young University

Taking a wide receiver may seem like a crazy idea, but the only players under contract at that position after this season are T.Y. Hilton and LaVon Brazill.

With such a deep receiving class, I would advocate taking one late in the draft. Hoffman is a player that With such a deep receiving class, I would advocate taking one late in the draft. Hoffman is a player that fits that mold.

CBS sports has him listed in the 7th to undrafted free agent range, while Walter Football has him rated as their 23rd receiver and a 4th to 6th round pick.

Hoffman has the size, at 6-foot-4 223-pounds, and hands to be a legitimate red zone threat. Sure, he is lacking in speed, he ran a 4.65 40, but I’m sure we’re all tired of seeing receivers that can’t catch the ball coming to the Hoosier state.

And he’s a pretty good blocker too, which would be a hard selling point for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton.

Hoffman would provide some depth and competition for the young receivers already on the roster and could help bring in a red zone threat that the Colts need.

These are just a few names to look out for on the last day of the NFL draft, which is coming up in just a few weeks.

Be prepared to hear names that you’ve never even heard of when the the actual draft comes around. Whichever way the ball rolls, I just hope it’s in the Colts’ favor. Go Colts!