MSU Football: Important season looming for Spartans (Freep Column)

After covering Michigan State’s spring game on Saturday, I came away with a few observations about the current state of MSU football right now. In this week’s Detroit Free Press column, I write about one of the bigger things I realized — that the 2014 season will be a very important one for the MSU football program. As always, isportsweb’s weekly Detroit Free Press column starts here and finishes at the Free Press website:

When Mark Dantonio took over the Michigan State football program eight years ago, it was a program that had been struggling for years.

The Spartans had become notorious for starting seasons off hot against teams from cupcake city, only to fall apart in Big Ten play and miss bowl season by several games. This continued failure of play even linked them with the acronym S.O.S. (Same Old Spartans).

However, all that changed when Dantonio arrived in East Lansing back in the fall of 2006. Flash-forward those seven seasons down the road and it’s evident all those previous blunders that had come to define the MSU football program are a thing in the past. (To continue reading, click here)

Connor Cook and the rest of Spartans have an important season ahead of them.

Connor Cook and the rest of Spartans have an important season ahead of them.


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