Philadelphia 76ers: Who should go?

Coming off of another disappointing season, the Philadelphia 76ers are now again in off-season decision making mode. With two first round and five second round picks in the upcoming draft, many players’ futures with the Sixers are up in the air. Even though they were not winning games, most of the Sixers showed improvement as time went along. Despite their improvement, there are several players on their roster that should not be back next season.

Players to Let Go

1. Brandon Davies

After coming off of a solid college career at Brigham Young University, Brandon Davies’ talent did not translate to the NBA. In 51 games for the Sixers this season, he did not really impress on defense nor did he on offense. He only averaged 2.8 points per game and was really hesitant when it came to shooting. He struggled around the rim and clearly proved that he was not ready to play down low in the NBA. Davies did improve towards the end of the year, but did very little to help his future status with the Sixers.

brandon davies

2. Elliot Williams

Elliot Williams did improve from his rookie season two years ago as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, but he still has many holes that need to be filled. For a shooting guard, he is not that good of an offensive player. He scored about six points per game and was 29.6 percent from three. His struggles on offense along with his poor defense, showed he is not a good fit for the Sixers. He may get another chance somewhere next year, but it seems very unlikely that he will remain a Sixer.

Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors

3. Byron Mullens

The Sixers will have a decision to make on Byron Mullens this off-season. He has a player option on whether or not he wants to return to the team next year, but the question is whether or not the Sixers want him back. He was acquired at the trade deadline from the Los Angeles Clippers, and played decent before he missed the remainder of the season due to injury. In his 18 games with the Sixers, he scored 6.8 points a game and shot a field goal percentage of 46.5. He has the ability to stretch the floor with his perimeter shooting, but is a liability on the defensive end. Unlike most of the Sixer players, Mullens actually has some experience in the league. Even though he has been around and could provide some much needed shooting, there is no real spot for him on the roster next season.


4. Arnett Moultrie

Arnett Moultrie has been one of the biggest disappointments on this Sixers team in recent years. Moultrie was a late first round pick two summers ago, but has found it difficult to get on the floor. He has struggled through injuries in his first two years, as he only got into 12 games last season. Also, Moultrie was suspended five games late last season for violating the league’s drug policy. To go along with his injuries and his off the court problems, it will be unlikely the Sixers will take another chance on him.

Arnett Moultrie

5. Casper Ware/Adonis Thomas

Late in the season, the Sixers signed both Casper Ware and Adonis Thomas to 10-day contracts. In their time with the Sixers, they did not do much, but they did not have many opportunities either. Ware’s size is an issue, and looks as if he is already at the bottom of the depth chart at the guard position. Thomas did not really get to show the Sixers much this season as he only played in two games. He may get a chance over the summer to show more of his skills, but it is not guaranteed. As of right now, it looks that both Ware and Thomas will not be a part of the Sixers next season.



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