Temple basketball: Projected starting five for 2014-15

As we get deeper into the offseason and we try to forget about this past season, we continue to look ahead. Fran Dunphy

Next season brings in new faces for the Owls and gives Temple fans some hope at against reaching the NCAA tournament. With Anthony Lee and Dalton Pepper gone, the Owls starting five looks much different than last season. Let’s take a look:

Point Guard: Will Cummings

Will Cummings is a clear option at point for the Owls next season. He was injured for some of last season, but after his injury he came back as a real leader on the court. Late in the season he seemed to want the ball in his hands more and drove the lane when they needed to score.

He was sixth in the conference in scoring last season and all five ahead of him won’t be playing college basketball next season. He also led the team in assists with 4.6 per game. Cummings is looking to be a star in the conference and lead this team to contention.

Shooting Guard: Josh Brown

Brown is the best defensive player on this team and he still has a lot of growing to do. His ability in the back court drastically helps a team that was very weak defensively last season. His offensive production needs a lot of work as he only scored 2.7 points per game while playing over 20 minutes per game.

By his senior year, Brown could be one of if not the best defensive player in the conference. If he can get his scoring to be a little better, he could be a big part of Temple’s success next season.

Shooting Guard/Small Forward: Quenton DeCosey 

Regardless of the name of the position, DeCosey will be on the floor for the tip off of the season. DeCosey has the potential to be the guy for the Owls, and Temple fans know that. His athletic ability is as good or better than anyone else on the team and his ability to score makes him a very dynamic player. His shot was a bit off last season, so hopefully that will come around and he’ll shoot better than 41% from the floor.

DeCosey’s game has two main issues: taking bad shots and defense. There were many frustrating times last season where Temple fans saw DeCosey take a bad look with plenty of time on the shot clock. A better shot selection will make DeCosey a more consistent scorer. He is the opposite of Josh Brown defensively. He often looks lazy and lacks aggression in the back court. DeCosey has the potential to be Temple’s true leader if he fixes his game up a bit.

Power Forward: Jaylen Bond

Temple fans are hoping that Jaylen Bond lives up to the hype. He is a local player with potential through the roof. He didn’t get much playing time at Texas and that is cause for concern, but for the most part Bond looks to lead this team to conference contention.

He does not have many numbers to gawk at due to his lack of play, but his presence defensively and ability to throw his body around down low can really help Temple’s front court. Last year, Anthony Lee was great on the boards, but his lack of a strong presence under the net really hurt the team’s outside shooters. Bond’s game will hopefully cause other teams to put more bodies on him down low, giving Cummings, DeCosey, and Brown more room to shoot.

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Power Forward: Obi Enechionyia

Temple’s fifth man is pretty open. I think it will go to a power forward over Devontae Watson because it seems Fran Dunphy doesn’t have the confidence in him quite yet. Daniel Dingle is coming off an injury so I think he will be a sixth man early on. Mark Williams will play a lot, but I don’t think he will be ready to start yet. Obi, Dingle, and Williams will likely rotate throughout games unless one shows they need to be in the game for the team to win.

I am going with Obi as the starter simply because he’s 6-9 and another big presence down low. He is a new recruit that fans are excited to see and I expect Dunphy to give him the chance to shine.

Temple is going to be a much deeper team next year. With Williams, Dingle, and Watson coming off the bench, the Owls will likely have much more success in the second half than they did last season.

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  • Joshua

    Should be Cummings-DeCosey-Dingle (if healthy)-Enechionyia-Watson. That’d give them tons of length and athleticism on the court from the get-go and plenty of options from there.
    Dunphy won’t, but he needs to start a center. He needs Watson with McDonnell as a backup. Playing Lavoy Allen at center all the time meant that our best power forward wasn’t playing his position. Same went for Ant Lee, and that’s why he transferred. With Watson/McDonnell at C, Enechionyia/Williams at PF, and Bond/Dingle at SF, that’s 6 guys sharing work with every man playing his best position. Bench the centers and you’ve got 4 guys sharing the same work, plus they’ll likely be matched up with a size disadvantage. Dunphy shoots himself in the foot with the way he uses his big men. It didn’t sink us in the A-10 because opponents just didn’t have the bodies but it’ll kill us in the AAC.