Columbus Blue Jackets: Why 2013-14 beat expectations


The Columbus Blue Jackets’ season turned out to be far more than was expected at the beginning. The team rallied together and made it to the postseason for the second time in franchise history and had a record breaking season in many ways. Sadly, their run for the Stanley Cup was cut short Monday night when they lost 4-3 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Not only was the playing on the ice beyond what was expected, but also the quality of the fans were some of the best that ever graced the stands of Nationwide Arena. Countless signs reading “We Are the 5th Line” could be seen all over the arena at all of the home games against the Penguins. It was simply awesome to see so many dedicated fans surrounding a team in their drive for the Cup.

Each and every player contributed to the success of the team’s season. The greatest strength the team had, once again, came from the goalies. Sergei Bobrovsky had an amazing season allowing just 131 goals in his 58 games played. Bobrovsky came back this year ready to play and his impact on the team was nothing short of outstanding.

Center Ryan Johansen also had a knockout season. He racked in 33 goals and 30 assists in his 82 games plays. He continued his success into the postseason and played very competitively against the Penguins. We can only hope that his aggressive and passionate play will continue into next season.

Finally, the Columbus Blue Jackets coaches have really made a great comeback for the 2013-2014 season. It is hard to criticize coaches that have pushed so hard for the team’s success. As a Columbus Blue Jackets fan it is important to recognize that success does not just like in the playing done on the ice at game time, but is also due to the great coaching that is done during practice.

As many have noted after the success the Blue Jackets had this season, this is just the beginning of something special. I believe it is more than possible that the Columbus Blue Jackets will be a contender for the Stanley Cup for many upcoming season. Work still needs to be done, but it is exciting time to be a Blue Jackets fan. So, with our heads held high and proud we can only wait until next season when the team graces the ice of Nationwide Arena once again.

What are your favorite memories from the season?

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