Milwaukee Brewers: Great win last night, but tonight looks grim

The shorthanded Milwaukee Brewers put together an excellent comeback win in extra innings last night, beating the St. Louis Cardinals 5-3. Khris Davis plated the go-ahead run after his only hit of the night in six at-bats, and the bullpen threw six scoreless innings to seal up the win.

The win did come with a price, as Aramis Ramirez had to exit with an elbow injury. With him now gone, in addition to Ryan Braun and Jean Segura, the Milwaukee Brewers are scrambling to put a lineup together. The lineup card for tonight’s game against the Cardinals illustrates the grim situation.

Here’s the lineup Ron Roenicke is putting on the field, from the top to the bottom of the order (duh): Carlos Gomez, Elian Herrera, Scooter Gennett, Khris Davis, Lyle Overbay, Mark Reynolds, Jeff Bianchi, Martin Maldonado, and Kyle Lohse.

This lineup will have to go up against the Cardinals’ fantastic pitching staff, led tonight by Lance Lynn, who is currently 4-1 with a 3.30 ERA.

To put it mildly, I do not like the Milwaukee Brewers’ chances tonight.

Gennett is having a great season, but he is clearly not a three-spot kind of guy. He’s the guy who gets on base so the three-spot can drive him in.

Then Davis batting clean-up? Are you kidding me? Davis left eight men on base last night and struck out four times before managing that triple in extra innings. That triple saved his rear end from one of the worst nights a Brewer has had at the plate this season, if not the worst.Milwaukee Brewers

It’s not like Roenicke has much of a choice, though. None of the current injuries are really DL worthy, so hopefully some of the guys can get back quickly.

Kyle Lohse, who rarely got run support last season with Milwaukee, should not expect much, if any. It’s all on him tonight to keep the Brewers in it, because Lance Lynn is going to bring it against the Brewers. He shut the Brewers out through seven strong innings, and that lineup had Segura, Braun, and Ramirez in it.

Then there’s the side question of whether the Brewers’ pitchers have anything in store for St. Louis’s hitters. After all, Ramirez got plunked twice and Gomez almost took one.

Retaliation might be justified. It is part of the game, after all. I would say, though, that because the bullpen was very busy last night, Lohse will not be going after anyone right away. He has to be counted on to go deep into tonight’s ballgame. I fully expect some retaliation to occur, though.

Lohse nailing a Cardinal with a fastball might be the only Milwaukee Brewers highlight tonight, however, because this lineup is extremely unlikely to get anything going against Lynn.

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  • Gus

    Your doubt merely makes the win all the more delicious. Cardinals are an inferior team.