Denver Broncos: Late round sleepers to target

After the first few rounds I imagine the Denver Broncos will look away from immediate needs (linebacker, offensive lineman) and broaden the search a little bit.  Here are some late round prospects that the Broncos could be interested in.

David Fales (QB, San Jose State)

Peyton Manning isn’t going to play forever.  When he finally rides off into the sunset, the Broncos will need a competent quarterback to captain what should still be a pretty good team.

I’ve written about the potential Osweiler replacement so I won’t go into it here.  I’m not 100% convinced that Oswieler is the guy to replace Manning, so it might be wise for the Broncos to pick up a competent late round quarterback in the draft this year.

I think that David Fales fits the bill.  At 6-foot-2 he certainly isn’t Oswieler, but he was a beast at San Jose State (albeit against inferior opponents, although it is worth mentioning he led the squad to a 11-2 record his junior year, a year which included a 20-17 loss to Stanford.)  As far as stats go, Fales threw 66 touchdowns in the two years he played at SJSU with a 161.7 quarterback rating.  He might not be the next Peyton Manning, but he can certainly excel at the next level.


De’Anthony Thomas (RB, Oregon)

If this name sounds familiar it should.  De’Anthony Thomas was one of the biggest playmakers in college football for the past three years. Thomas would give the Broncos a shorter Percy Harvin-type player.  He ran a 4.5 40 at the combine, not what you would expect from someone who is returned kicks and played wide receiver at times at Oregon, but he was an All American sprinter in college, so I’m not that worried about his speed.

He is short, 5-foot-9, but so is Darren Sproles.  I don’t necessarily think that Thomas could supplant Montee Ball at the running back position, but I do think that Thomas could give an already explosive offense some serious firepower.



Trai Turner (OL, LSU)

The Broncos look to be a little down on the offensive line this year, and I fully expect them to take a big name guy in the early rounds.  However, o-line depth is never bad so I could see them taking a late round pick for a competent big man.  Trai Turner fills that role at 310 pounds.

I haven’t taken the time to fully analyze Turner by any means, but from watching his game against Arkansas (thank you, YouTube) it’s clear the kid can play.  He’s big enough to hold his own on the inside but he’s quick enough to pass protect.   Not sure if he’s what the Broncos need right now, but he would be a solid late round pick up none the less.