Indianapolis Colts: Gabe Jackson a must pick


Now as you have probably read through a few of my recent articles, I have talked about how the Indianapolis Colts need to draft an offensive lineman with their first selection in the second round.

That hasn’t changed.

You have also probably read from what I have written that Mississippi State guard Gabe Jackson would be a great fit for the Colts.

That hasn’t changed.

What has changed though is the realization that not only would Jackson be a good fit, but he is a must pick prospect for the Colts.

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According to, Jackson is the fourth rated guard in this year’s draft and is projected to be drafted in the second or third round, perfect for the Colts if he is able to land in their hands.

After watching more and more of his tape, I see a lot of great things Jackson can bring to the table, especially with his pass blocking. And when I remember the Colts 2013 season, a lot of it involved quarterback Andrew Luck being hit or sacked too much if Indianapolis intends to make sure he is healthy for the future.

With Jackson being 6-foot-3 and weighing 336 pounds, his power he can offer is something the Colts could use if they want to make sure their franchise quarterback doesn’t take a beating. Jackson has great footwork and maintains his block throughout the play. He has great power at the point of attack and has great spacing when it comes to setting a good pocket. When it comes to rushers coming full speed on a blitz, Jackson’s lower does not budge as he is able to keep his feet set and his legs strong in order to take on the attack.

Jackson is someone who has experience playing in the SEC, which to many is known as the best conference in college football. This should make his transition to the NFL much easier and could easily be plugged into the Colts starting lineup if they ask him to do so.

Colts offensive guard Hugh Thornton is projected to be the starter on opening day for Indianapolis and Jackson could easily be the other guard and succeed in the starting role.

With having to wait until day two of the draft before making a decision and only having a total of five picks this year, each selection the Colts make will be critical for their future. With a weakness the Colts face include their interior lineman, adding Jackson though would be an instant boost the Colts have been looking for years to come.