New York Giants: interest in Zack Martin

New York Giants

Zack Martin

According to the Star-Ledger, Zack Martin seems to be the new standout for the New York Giants as of late and I couldn’t agree with them more. Taylor Lewan and Eric Ebron were once on the radar for the draft, however with Lewan’s legal troubles and with all eyes on Ebron, they’ve seemed to change their minds.

Lewan would come with a lot of baggage and in need of some serious PR help and Ebron is probably going to be drafted before the Giants even get their turn to choose. The Giants have switched gears and it wasn’t without careful consideration.

If the rumors are true, the 6-foot-4, 308-pound Notre Dame lineman will be the Giants’ pick at no. 12. Zack Martin is the overall package for the Giants offensive line.

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Martin is extremely versatile in his position. In college he played as a left tackle but for the NFL it is said that he could attempt the right side or even guard. At the Senior Bowl, Martin played as both a guard and tackle and showed strength in both areas.

With Martin on the offensive line, his speed and quickness would help balance out the already strong line. Geoff Schwartz, Justin Pugh, and Will Beatty would be alongside Martin and seem like together would be an unstoppable machine.

With the hype of the draft wearing thin, everyone wants to know what the Giants will finally decide to do. I’m sure the feeling is mutual that we just want to see the draft get underway and have the season start. I feel like I’ve been strung along for months in anticipation of May 8th.

New York Giants

NYG vs. Buffalo Bills Sunday Aug. 3

With the first preseason game away, against the Buffalo Bills, I’m excited to see what these new (and old) men will bring to the table. If Martin is added to the roster I think it will spell great things for the once-failing offensive line. The Giants have really focused on where the holes were seen and have done a solid job fixing them. As I’ve said previously I’m a huge fan of Geoff Schwartz and see him really bringing the o-line together. Along with Justin Pugh, these two quality players will surely make a difference.

With Ben McAdoo as the new offense coordinator all things Giant seem to be brand new and I’m ready to embrace the change. It was a rebuilding year and what they’ve done so far already seems like a massive improvement to me. Eli Manning is working on healing from his surgery and hopefully will begin practicing with his new teammates shortly.

All in all the Giants seem to have stayed the course and put together a solid team thus far. Clearly there is still room for improvement but we should be sure to see this handled at the draft. In the first two rounds I believe the Giants will focus on tightening up the offensive line with Zack Martin and then move to wide receiver and other areas that still need attention. It’s a waiting game as of now. Nobody knows what will happen with that first pick.