Biggest letdown in sports history? The story of the San Jose Sharks

It takes a special kind of talent to do what the San Jose Sharks have done this season. As one KNBR 680 host put it, “they give  out the Stanley Cup every year, but only four teams in NHL history have blown a 3-0 series lead”.

At this point I have reached a new low in being a Sharks fan, a low that I almost hit in 2010 when the Sharks almost managed to blow a 3-0 series lead against the Detroit Red Wings.

Really, how much worse does it have to get? The crazy part is the Sharks are known for their extremely loyal fan base, but how much can they take before they quit? I have been a fan for life but even I felt like quitting last night. Anyway, let’s look back at this classic Sharks season.

Well it started off like any Sharks fan would expect. The team rattled off six quick wins and in the first month of the season they only lost four times. All familiar echos of “No man, I swear to God this is our year. No, I know I said that last year when we literally did the exact same thing but this year is different, man. It’s an Olympic year!”

Thomas Hertl celebrates after a goal

Thomas Hertl celebrates after a goal

However, unlike last year the Sharks did not follow up that six game win streak with a seven game losing streak. In fact, the team never went on a losing streak of such epic proportions. Instead they did something much worse and WAAAYY more embarrassing, but we will talk about that later.

A few weeks later a young new rookie by the name of Tomas Hertl came out balling and scored this sweet goal against the New York Rangers. The same New York Rangers that will be moving on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Hertl balled so hard that people wanted to find him and eventually they did. Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings found him and proceeded to end his regular season with a cheap shot at his knee.

After this not much else happened out of the regular. Also, by “regular” I am talking about the Sharks’ idea of regular.  The Sharks’ regular is all about winning against the elite teams and blowing it against the lower tier teams. Classic Sharks.

This regular season was just like any other season in the last ten years, the Sharks made the playoffs and were a relatively high seed.  If we are all really honest with ourselves most sharks fans would not even need to watch the regular season to know what is going on. Actually, most fans would not have even had to watch the playoffs to know what the endgame would probably be. The Sharks getting eliminated early is no real shock anymore.

The Sharks would be seeded against the Los Angeles Kings and the playoffs began with a bang! The Sharks went up 3-0 it looked as if the sweep was a major possibility and a win was almost guaranteed. The Sharks had won for only the second time in a few years at the Staples center for Christ’s sake! In the last four games of the series the Kings would not only win all of them but they would win two of them in San Jose. They had only won four games in San Jose since 2010!

So ends the Sharks’ season in the most embarrassing way possible. They are only the fourth team to do this in NHL history. That is how the season will be remembered and I want to never speak of this again… until next week when I analyze the team.

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