Dallas Cowboys: 3 late round sleepers to target

Aaron MurrayWith the 2014 NFL draft occurring in less than a week, I thought it would be smart to examine who I believe could be potential steals in the later rounds of the draft. Keep in mind that in order to be a sleeper the prospects must be projected to be a 4th round selection or later. That being said, these are the players in particular that I feel have the potential to diamonds in the rough.

Aaron Murray, QB Georgia

Alright, I know what you’re thinking- why on earth would the Dallas Cowboys even consider drafting a QB when they have so many on the current roster? Currently they have Tony Romo, Kyle Orton, Brandon Weeden, and recently signed Caleb Hanie, but the question I ask is if any of these options are the way of the future.

Personally I believe that Romo is a viable option in the short-term, however after coming off back surgery there is no telling the quality of how he will perform. With that said it is my belief that the Cowboys should draft Murray so to have an heir apparent should Romo falter.

Murray would be a smart choice because he does many of the small things, like delivering the ball on time and accurately. More important than that, I feel is that he also has the ability to improvise when a play doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Another strong aspect is that he spent the entirety of his college career in a pro-style offense which should help his transition into the NFL.

Devin Street, WR Pittsburgh

What was once arguably one of the deepest positions on the team has slowly been deteriorating, and with Miles Austin being released WR is a position that must be addressed. With that said I believe that Devin Street could be a steal.

Street has natural quickness and the ability to create space in the middle of the field. Street also has the knack for catching virtually anything thrown his way. This characteristic would make him a reliable target in 3rd down or key conversion situations. The combination of Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Devin Street could be a fearsome receiving corps for the next few years, especially considering that they would all be 25 or younger.

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Justin Britt, OT Missouri

The Cowboys’ offensive line was heavily criticized during the 2012 campaign but made significant improvements in 2013. That said, the Cowboys still need to find a strong option to replace Doug Free. Free had been one of the most penalized players in the entire NFL before this past season, and the Cowboys need to find a better option moving forward. Britt is the perfect candidate because he has the prototypical size that you look for in an NFL tackle. Britt also has the strength to be considered as a guard. This versatility would help ensure that the Cowboys O-line has the capability of withstanding a potential injury.