Late round sleepers for the Miami Dolphins to target

With the draft getting closer and closer, the front offices of the 32 NFL teams are beginning to put together their final touches on a very crazy and entertaining offseason. In the case of the Miami Dolphins, no offseason up to date is bigger then this one. The Dolphins have had their share of roller coaster rides on draft day, and the fan base can tell you that they need to have a strong draft class. It seems that every team in the NFL but the Dolphins seem to find one or more “sleepers” in the later rounds of the draft. Can Miami find those “late round sleepers?” Lets break it down:

Fourth Round; 116th overall pick:

Assuming that Miami does not trade up on draft day, we begin with WR Kevin Norwood out of the University of Alabama. Miami would be a perfect fit for Norwood because of the type of offense the Dolphins run. Norwood has a 6-2, 198-pound frame that can be tricky for some defenses to handle. He has great hands and can fight off defenders on a broken play. He finds way to get open, which is HUGE because a big play is always waiting to happen, and Norwood makes plays.

Fifth Round; 155th overall pick:

Switching gears to the big kids in the trenches, Miami needs to put some depth on the offensive line that gave up the most sacks in the league, which is not what Dol-Fan’s want to see. Another brick that can be layed down on the front line is guard Brandon Linder out of the University of Miami. Brandon has excellent size for an offensive guard at 6-6, 311 pounds. When he is engaged with a defender, it’s a fight to the death, and he usually wins the battles. That aggressive style of play will make him feel right at home in his own backyard.

Sixth Round;  190th overall pick:

Another possible play maker that the Dolphins could be going after  is RB Tyler Gaffney from Stanford University. Gaffney is an “old school” kind of running back that does not have any mercy for anyone standing in his way. He played a big role for the Cardinal this year averaging over 5.2 yards a carry and finished with 21 touchdowns his senior year. Gaffney is a reliable back that is very coachable and will fit in just fine with the rest of the Dolphins’ backfield.

Seventh Round; 234th overall pick:

And to cap off the list of “gems” that can fall to the aqua and orange is linebacker James Morris from the University of Iowa. He has a 6-1, 241-pound frame and plays his size. He is extremely strong and will give you his all on the field. He has a good football IQ and has an outstanding personality on and off the field, and is not afraid to make his presence felt on the field.


Be on the look out for these “lost gems” that could fall to Miami. There is a lot of reliability with all of these players and each one of them can make the Dolphins a stronger, faster and smarter football team on both sides of the ball.


    Should consider Travis Swanson out of the University of Arkansas. Played center in college for 4 years and all SEC last 3. Could be starting guard.


    We have two late round sleepers at TE right here who could do some impressive things for the phins!! Come check it out!

  • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

    Dont mean to be rude but the Norwood has a big chance of going undrafted

  • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

    Dont mean to be rude but the Norwood has a big chance of going undrafted