MSU Football: Michigan State will garner attention at NFL Draft (Freep Column)

A lot of people, reporters and fans included, are under the illusion that the NFL Draft doesn’t matter. In this week’s isportsweb Free Press Column, I argue that it does matter to the program and to the recruiting base. 

Ah, the NFL Draft. An annual tradition that is broadcast for three straight days on multiple channels, full of promising young men having their lifelong dreams fulfilled. Tens of millions of fans watch NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his minions walk up to the podium at Radio City Music Hall in New York City to announce the destination of up and coming players that we saw excel in college football.

While most fans watch to see which young players their team snatches off the big draft board, or in some cases, which team drafts their favorite college players, people will acknowledge that it is really only an important moment for NFL teams. They will say that for college teams, it is an official goodbye to their programs’ best players. A sentimental moment that doesn’t hold much weight.

Not true.

The NFL Draft is much bigger than most people think, and for a pretty logical reason. (To continue reading, click here)

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