Lakers interested in Roy Williams?

Could head coach Roy Williams be headed to the Lakers?

Could head coach Roy Williams be headed to the Lakers?

After the news that James McAdoo was leaving for the NBA, mostly it seems because he just got married to UNC volleyball player Lauren Adkins, it felt like tranquility was coming back to the North Carolina basketball program. Alas, leave it to the Los Angeles Lakers to give the ABC’ers and the doom & gloom Heels fans something to stir up the pot with.

As I was watching Around the Horn on ESPN this afternoon, and was written by the LA Times as well, the topic came up about the Tinsel Town franchise looking at head coach Roy Williams as a possible candidate to fill the void left by Mike D’Antoni resignation. And to that I was like “what now?”

I doubt this will go very far, because I just do not see the 63 year old Hall of Famer having any thought of leaving Chapel Hill. On the other hand this move would put the coach working with another legend from UNC, Mitch Kupchak, and away from the hassles that have been surrounding the academic department for the last few years. Whatever the case might be, it does seem pretty amazing that every time there is some peace and quiet with the team something has to come along to shake it up.

If there is one thing that I do like about all of this is now we will see all those that have been saying “Williams needs to go” or that have said that people at the top want him out react to this. I am sure much back stepping will be done and many excuses will be made, cause at the end I am pretty sure that UNC and Williams are pretty happy with one another. But there is also a part of me that wonders if this move by the Lakers is not about the UNC head man, but about another college coach and trying to lure him to the job. What do I mean by that? Simply put, would the Jim Buss & Company put out names like Roy Williams just to see if that makes John Calipari, Kentucky’s head coach, more interested in the job?

But that is something for someone else to cover. For the Carolina side of things I hope this story gets denied/closed up as quickly as possible as the last thing that this team needs going into a big season is more things to worry about.