New York Giants: Final 7-round mock draft

New York Giants

NFL Draft

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. The 2014 NFL draft is officially on the horizon and I cant wait.

This was my first time using Fanspeak’s Draft Simulator and it was actually pretty fun. If you’ve never used it before, you should definitely give it a try. It goes round by round and the computer picks for the other teams as you draft for any one of the 32 NFL teams.

Anyway, my first and final draft for the New York Giants was a success and it goes as follows:

  1.  Zack Martin

As I’ve said before, Zack Martin would be the ideal first pick for the New York Giants because of his versatility. He’s 308 pounds and can play left or right tackle as well as guard. He has showed great strength in both areas and would definitely improve the offensive line. Martin will be available for first pick so they shouldn’t let that opportunity slip by.

  1. Mike Davis

Davis is a good-sized athlete and an easy get at pick two. Davis lacked star power at his pro day however is an impressive athlete who would enhance the Giants’ wide receivers. The Giants should focus on the players who have talent but aren’t being recognized for early draft picks.

  1. C.J. Fiedorowicz

Fiedorowicz is projected to go in either the third or fourth round and is a quality player the Giants should consider. They still have time prior to pick up core needs and then steal Fiedorowicz at the tight end position. This position has been a need through out free agency so the draft is the time to lock a core player for this spot.

  1. Stanley Jean-Baptiste

    New York Giants

    Stanley Jean Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste is another under rated player who would be a steal for a fourth pick. The wide receiver turned cornerback would be an amazing addition to the Giants’ roster. He’s among the tallest corners in the draft so his size alone will be a welcome addition. Hopefully it will be as easy for the Giants to pick him up as it was for me.

  1. Larry Webster

The later rounds are for developmental players and that’s exactly what linebacker Larry Webster is. I’ve stated before that I thought the Giants should take a look at him and I’m sticking to that now. Webster killed his pro day and has apparently worked out for the Giants so they know what he’s got. Webster has been projected to be drafted in the fourth or fifth rounds so he’s a perfect fit for the Giants. His 40-yard-dash was 4.58, right behind Jadeveon Clowney. Webster has the necessary skills to benefit the team.

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  1. Kevin Pamphile

Pamphile worked out for the Giants and showed great skill. He clocked impressive numbers with a 40 yard dash of 4.92 seconds and a 32 inch vertical jump. Pamphile is an offensive tackle and would prove to be a great addition to the o-line. Once again, the later rounds end up being less developed players but Pamphile can be molded and turned into a star player.

Well, there you have it. My first NFL mock draft. Everyone should give the daft simulator a try and let me know what you think is going to happen! The draft is right around the corner so sit tight and let’s see if we were right all along with who the Giants are going to choose.