VCU Basketball: Previewing the Ram’s point guard position

VCU’s point guard position is no easy role to fill. With the speedy havoc style of play that Coach Smart runs, his point guard has to be able to keep up. With the talented slew of guards the Rams have, three players appear to be able to fulfill the point guard position.

Briante Weber is VCU’s #1 point guard option as he enters into his senior season. Weber started every game last season and took control of the court very well. Weber, 6-2, is a strong perimeter defender, and a tough player on defense overall. He thrives on going to the ball at all times which is great because he lead the nation in steals last season. Weber’s ability to attack the ball and to keep it in VCU’s hands is one of the reasons he is the best to fill the Ram’s point guard spot.

Briante Weber dribbling past defenders (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Briante Weber dribbling past defenders (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Weber averages at 9.4 PPG, 4.1 reb/game and 3.4 steals/game. With his stats proving on paper why he deserves the position, his characteristics on the court give yet another reason why he does. Weber personifies the meaning of havoc. He is quick on the court and attacks at all times, never giving up on a play no matter what happens. Weber not only steals the ball, but he has the ability to stick with it and ensure the Ram’s score from his steals too. With Weber’s strong positive reinforcing leadership skills, he fits perfectly in his role.

Second, VCU fans got the pleasure of watching Jequan Lewis grow in the point guard position last season. Lewis is 6-1 and has the fire on defense that he needs, but he also has a bit more offensive tendencies than Weber has. Lewis averages at 5.9 PPG which is less than Weber. On the other hand, Lewis’s overall game on offence when it comes to ball movement and his successful shooting percentage prove to be a bit better than Weber’s. With Lewis’s 38 steals last season, he obviously falls much short of Weber’s 121, but his offensive game makes up for some of this. Lewis is a rising sophomore so he has a lot to learn and has the time to grow that he needs, but he has already proven his talent with the team.

Jequan Lewis drives the ball to the basket for VCU (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Jequan Lewis drives the ball to the basket for VCU (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Both players worked hard last season on and off the court. Weber and Lewis had sessions with former coach Mike Rhoades on how to better their point guard skills. Rhoades helped them study plays; learn their duties as point guards and their responsibilities they have as team leaders. These sessions paid off for both players.

Finally, a new face to the VCU team may take the point guard position by storm. Jonathan Williams is one of Coach Smart’s top 2014 recruits. Williams is a bit shorter than Weber and Lewis as he’s 5-11, but this doesn’t stop his ferocity. Williams is a talented ball handler who isn’t afraid to drive to the basket. Williams has the strength and speed that Coach Smart looks for in his point guards. He powers through defenders like it’s no sweat. Williams is a high scoring point guard and he thrives at the rim. One aspect of his game that he’s working on though is his long range shooting. Once he gets this down, Williams will be an unstoppable force with his speed on both ends of the court and his ability to knock down shots.

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