Detroit Tigers: Scherzer’s hot start could mean trouble

Max_ScherzerDetroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer has been off to a hot start this year following his Cy Young year in 2013.

Scherzer leads the American League in ERA with a number of 1.72. With the struggle to produce runs the Tigers will likely face in a lot of games this season, having a low ERA is always beneficial to the team.

He also leads the league in another category that isn’t surprising for Scherzer at this point.

Scherzer leads the American League with 60 strikeouts in just 47 innings pitched. Why it isn’t surprising is because of the fact that in his previous two seasons, he finished in the top two in strikeouts and is looking to finish the season first in that category.

While the season is still early, Scherzer’s start could land the Tigers in a head-scratching situation all year. The better Scherzer pitches, the higher his value becomes at the end of the season. This could leave the Tigers in a situation where they will be unable to pay Scherzer what he is looking for compared to teams out there willing to offer him big money.

So what this could mean is that the Tigers look to trade Scherzer toward the trade deadline to get a lot in return for someone who most likely is in his last year in Detroit. It is going to probably take a lot of value in return though for any team to pick up Scherzer before the deadline.

The Tigers know that every year is World Series or bust knowing the kind of talent they have to offer as a team and if Scherzer is on top of his game for the team, he would be such a huge piece that would be hard for the Tigers to let go this season in hopes of keeping him for a World Series run.

Scherzer knows he is an Ace pitcher, and has proved it the last couple of seasons that he can easily be the lead guy for most teams around the majors. He is a strikeout machine who at times can run his pitch count a little high, which is why he has yet to throw a complete game in his career. Nonetheless, any team would be willing to add the Cy Young winner to their rotation knowing what he can bring.

Scherzer is on a mission to show the Tigers he is worth more than the contract they offered him before the season began. So far, mission accomplished.