1. Anthony Pluff says

    Am absolutely pumped to write tonight’s review of the third round. Aaron Murray to the Chiefs is fantastic. Wanted him last year with the #1 overall pick and we get him this year in the 5th round!

    • says

      I can’t believe they took Garoppolo that high. Stunned. Especially with other guys on the board. I would have liked to see them go Louis Nix, despite Dom Easley. Many NE fans on the fence though…

      • Alex Peters says

        I’d have taken Nix in a heartbeat at 62. An Easley/Nix interior combo would’ve been deadly for 6-8 years

  2. Anthony Pluff says

    Martavis Bryant, WR from Clemson is going to make a coach very happy, can’t believe how much he is being overlooked

  3. says

    Top-10 projection last year, consensus All-American this year despite the knee and he falls to #39…wow. I still can’t believe Cleveland didn’t take Lee. Good for Jacksonville.

  4. Anthony Pluff says

    Good move by Oakland. Not a surprise Houston passed on him. Not a fair situation to put him in

  5. Alex Peters says

    Guys there are a lot of things to talk about tonight. And the first thing is Marshall Faulk’s bow tie.

  6. KC Reynolds says

    Seems like Houston is staying at No. 1, which probably means Clowney. And as much as Cleveland wants a QB, apparently they dropped $100,000 on analytics that told them Bridgewater was the best QB of the bunch. I bet they get the best talent available with pick 4, then trade up/pray for Teddy at 26. Manziel to either Jags or Bucs.

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