North American LCS: All-Star weekend

It’s finally here, the LCS All-Star weekend. This event showcases the best teams from around the world, and the North American LCS is being represented by spring split champions Cloud 9 HyperX. Since the All-Stars are in Paris, the action started at about 9 am Eastern Time this morning. The big story line for Cloud 9 in All-Stars? No Hai in the mid lane.

Cloud 9 HyperX

Hai, Cloud 9 HyperX

Hai will not be participating in All-Stars, as he is recovering from a collapsed lung. He has still been in good spirits, though, as he jokes on his Twitch streams that his oxygen mask is just him doing a Kassadin cosplay.  His replacement for the tournament is actually Link, Counter Logic Gaming’s mid laner. Link was traded to Cloud 9 to fill the void and give North America the best showing possible in Paris, and he will return to CLG on May 20th before the start of the summer split. This could have an impact on Cloud 9’s playing style, with the lack of playing time as a unit and missing the roaming, team-oriented style of Hai.

The schedule for All-Stars is that each day starts with the two All-Star teams facing off in a challenge game. The two teams are Team Fire and Team Ice, which are composed of one player from each region. The two North American players are Bjergsen from Team SoloMid (Team Fire) and Doublelift from CLG (Team Ice). The two teams will play in the four following events, one each day:

  • Ultra Rapid Fire mode, Thursday
  • Hexakill 6v6 mode, Friday
  • Pick 10 mode, Saturday
  • 1v1 and 2v2 duels, Sunday

For Cloud 9 HyperX, they did get off to a good start beating Europe’s Fnatic in the first game. Fnatic is no easy match-up, as they finished 4th in last year’s World Championship (Cloud 9 finished 8th). Unfortunately for them, their second game was against SK Telecom, the reigning World Champions, and Cloud 9 got destroyed. It was not a fun game to watch, as SK was always in control. Tomorrow Cloud 9 has two more match-ups in group play to gain some confidence before the bracket play. They will face off against Azubu Taipei Assassins (Taiwan) and OMG (China). They could win both, but the Taipei Assassins game will be tough as they are the Season 2 World Champions.