Draft grade for Seattle Seahawks through Day 2

The Seattle Seahawks seemed more keen on preparing for Day 3 of the NFL Draft than being active in the first two days. The Seahawks traded down twice to accumulate more picks for later rounds, but have still selected two guys in the first three rounds: receiver Paul Richardson and offensive tackle Justin Britt. Before I get into those two evaluations, I want to give a quick grade of “A” to the Seattle Seahawks trading down twice. They now have three fourth round picks, and one for the final three rounds. As seen on the current roster, many of the key playmakers were snatched in later rounds, so I like that John Schneider is loading up for the later rounds so he can find more cheap and talented studs. That being said, let’s get down to analyzing and evaluating the Seattle Seahawks’ first two picks.

Seattle Seahawks

Paul Richardson should be another great target for Russell Wilson.

1. Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

The early picks of the second round leading up to Seattle’s saddened me, because guys that I really liked were being selected. Xavier Su’a-Filo became the first pick of the second round, and the Buccaneers took Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who would have made a nice big target for Russell Wilson. I also thought the Seahawks could snag Marqise Lee out of USC, who had fallen a surprisingly long way, but the Jaguars nabbed him just before Seattle’s spot. But by that time, Seattle had already traded the pick to the Lions, so the Jaguars’ snatching of Lee didn’t sting as much.

From watching some tape of Richardson, though, it’s easy to see the appeal. Richardson has incredible burst, and he can make some great catches. He will drop some balls, but his speed and ability to stretch defenses will make him another Percy Harvin type on the field. That sounds scary: TWO Percy Harvins on the field? How on earth can defenses compete with that?

I’m sure that’s exactly what Schneider was thinking with this selection.

Of course, they did pass up on Stephon Tuitt, who could’ve been a nice addition to defensive end, especially in light of the departures of Red Bryant and Chris Clemons. But I’m sure that depth need will be addressed today. In any event, it would appear Richardson’s speed and playmaking ability was too good to pass up, and having anoter Percy Harvin type in the receiving corps can only be a good thing- provided he doesn’t get injured like the real Harvin often does.

Grade: A-

2. Justin Britt, OT, Missouri

By all accounts, this particular selection is a head-scratcher. Analysts had Britt available on Day 3, so Seattle taking him at pick 64 seems like a reach. Britt does fill a need at tackle, and Britt is built very well and has good side-to-side movement. On the other hand, he isn’t suited for run blocking, as he’s somewhat incapable of getting to the second level in time. Some scouts don’t like his pass protection either, but there has to be something the scouts are missing if Schneider was willing to take a reach into the second round for this guy. I want to believe the Seattle Seahawks are privy to something the rest of us are not, because tackle is an immediate hole to fill and Britt cannot afford to be a bust. Perhaps it’s because Britt can play anywhere on the line. Or maybe it’s because Tom Cable thinks he can help mold this guy into a great lineman.

I’m wary of this pick, because Britt wasn’t the best available tackle nor the best available player in general. So it has to mean it’s Schneider and company working their draft magic again. Then again, it could be another James Carpenter.

Grade: C

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  • Tanadys Inman

    i guess you didn’t read up on Britt where he was 45-0 in Olympic style Wrestling or when he played against the Number one pick this year and held his own