Pitt Football: Previewing the quarterback position

Pitt Panthers Football

Trey Anderson and Chad Voytik


The Pittsburgh Panthers are entering the 2014-2015 season looking for a new starting quarterback. Following the departure of Tom Savage, backup quarterbacks Trey Anderson and Chad Voytik will be asked to step up to lead the teams offense. The most difficult part, for coach Paul Chryst, is picking who the starter will actually be.

Both Voytik and Anderson have appeared in games throughout their careers at Pitt. Most notably was Voytik’s appearance in last years Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl victory over Bowling Green. Both offer a different dynamic to the offense and each look promising as choices of the future, as both have a minimum of two years of play remaining.

Chad Voytik is 6’1”, 210 lbs, and entering his redshirt sophomore season. Voytik is from Cleveland, Tennessee, and was one of the top quarterback recruits entering his time at Pittsburgh. Voytik redshirted his true freshman season, and last year was the number 2 quarterback behind Tom Savage. Voytik got playing time here and there throughout the season and in the team’s bowl game, he was asked to step in and play the entire second half due to injury. Voytik shined in the game, going 5-9 for 108 yards, including a 62 yard touchdown pass, while leading the team to a victory.

Rating: B

Voytik has the skill set to be a solid starter and help the team win. His talent cannot be overlooked but his flaws fall in his knowledge of the game, as well as his ability to be an outspoken leader.

Trey Anderson is a 6’, 195 pound quarterback from Pearland, Texas. While not being highly recruited out of high school, Anderson lead his Pearland high school team to a 5A Texas State Championship. Anderson saw some playing time in both his freshman and sophomore years, most notably against Notre Dame, as a backup to Tino Sunseri. Anderson redshirted his junior season, giving him two more years of eligibility for the team.

Rating: B+

Anderson may be slightly undersized in many people’s eyes but he has shown the ability to be a playmaker. Anderson excels in his knowledge of the game and has proven his ability to lead and take control.

The two quarterbacks are similar in a lot of ways. Both offer about the same level of experience. While it is mild, both know what to expect when on the field in a live action game, and both are strong practice performers. The two have been getting a lot of reps in practice leading up this season as they were the only two quarterbacks on the roster. The race seems to be an even 50/50 in the eyes of Coach Chryst, and the player who shines most throughout the offseason should get the job.

Voytik may be the more attractive choice, as he is more well known and highly recruited. It is tough to say one quarterback is more “ready” than another at this time. To me, it is too early to make a guess on who the starter will be, as there still is plenty of time for either to play themselves in, or out, of the job. I think that even Coach Chryst himself would agree that it is too early to make the call, and the added pressure of competition should show who truly deserves the job.

  • Pitt Fan

    What a nonsensical article. Voytik came in the 2nd half of Pitt’s Bowl game and ran for a touchdown and threw a 62 yard touchdown pass landing right in the hands of Boyd after traveling 60 yards in the air (from where he threw the touchdown strike). Has Anderson ever ran for a touchdown for Pitt? No. Has Anderson ever thrown for a touchdown for Pitt ? No. Has Anderson ever thrown for more than a 7 yard pass for Pitt? No. Has Anderson ever shown a strong knowledge of football during his playing time? No. Has Voytik shown a strong knowledge of football during his playing time? YES.
    There is only one of the two Quarterbacks that has looked like a leader and a starter and that is Voytik. Heck, there was not even a need to play Anderson for a single down in the Bowl game this past year. Why? Because Voytik had such a great game Anderson was not even a thought worthy of consideration to play a single down. So, lets grade the two Quarterbacks based on the facts as shown in their play at Pitt: Voytik gets a solid A; Anderson gets a solid C.
    This is not even choice to make between the two. Voytik is the real deal and a winner.