Golden State Warriors: Who should stay or go?

Watching the Golden State Warriors is comparable to experiencing a Barnum and Bailey showcase but unfortunately, some players on the roster might have to wave goodbye to the circus during this upcoming off-season.

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Golden State has tons of talent on their roster but as summer approaches, the front office has the tough task of deciding which players have to pack their bags.

There are two lists below. One list contains the players who are locks to stay with the ball club. The other list contains players who might be let go because of ridiculous contracts or just simply have little value towards the future of the Warriors.

Must Have Them    2014-2015 Salary

1. Stephen Curry            $10,629,213

2. Klay Thompson         $4,469,547

3. David Lee                   $15,012,000

4. Andre Iguodala         $12,289,544

5. Andrew Bogut           $12,972,973

6. Harrison Barnes       $3,049,920

7. Draymond Green      $915,243

8. Marreese Speights   $3,657,500

9. Jermaine O’Neal      Unrestricted Free Agent

10. Jordan Crawford    Restricted Free Agent

These 10 players need to stay with the team next year because they mesh well. If they stay together, the starting five will come back even stronger than they were before.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are most likely going to get contract extensions because they have been arguably the best backcourt duo in the league for the last two years.  David Lee earns every bit of that $15,000,000 because he is a double-double machine. Some people might argue that Andrew Bogut is overpaid due to being prone to injuries but Bogut is effective in so many ways and that is why the Warriors need him. Andre Iguodala rounds out the top 5. Iguodala might not score a ton but he is a playmaker on both sides of the ball and serves as the glue that holds things together for Golden State.

Five players on the supporting cast will play huge roles in the success of the Warriors next year.

Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes had solid sophomore campaigns and helped the Warriors tremendously during their brief playoff run. Green’s salary definitely has to increase because he puts out more effort than a man who makes under $1 million a year.

Marreese Speights and Jermaine O’Neal are two solid big men that the Warriors should definitely keep on the roster. Speights brings extra size and physicality. O’Neal is a free agent this summer but it would be wise for the Warriors to re-sign him. O’Neal might be an old veteran but he is still able to defend well and maneuver with the young guys.

Jordan Crawford is legit. Crawford could be a terrific backup point guard for years to come in Golden State. He is a restricted free agent this summer but the Warriors should re-sign him because he proved he can come in and light up the scoreboard in a hurry. Whether or not he wants to be a backup is a big question but Golden State is a great fit for this kid.

Need to Go       2014-2015 Salary

1.Festus Ezeli              $1,112,880

2. Nemanja Nedovic $1,104,240

3. Steve Blake            Unrestricted Free Agent

4. Ognjen Kuzmic     $816,482

5. Hilton Armstrong   Not under contract

Steve Blake is a great veteran backup point guard but it is time for him to move on and let Crawford take over as the point guard off the bench. Festus Ezeli and Ognjen Kuzmic are tall prospects but they just don’t provide much spark for the team. The front office needs to trade or release Ezeli and Kuzmic in order to clear up about $2 million in cap space.

The last two players that should pack their bags are Hilton Armstrong and Nemanja Nedovic. Neither of them helped the team out much during the playoffs or the regular season. Armstrong and Nedovic are definitely talented but they just do not fit well with the system.


The Warriors should come back strong next year if they make smart front office decisions. They have a strong nucleus of talented players. Curry and the rest of his running mates in the starting lineup would benefit tremendously from staying together. On top of that, the bench has five guys that really bring the noise on a nightly basis. Once the Warriors find a coach to fill the void and get rid of a few bad apples, they can start their 2014-2015 mission with a bang!

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  • Lexus Nexus

    The only players who should remain are Curry and Thompson. The rest are trade bait and can be used to try to get some elite players to this team. Bogut is about as athletic as Roy Hibbert and injure-prone. He can’t be relied upon. A team cannot reach the pinnacle with him at Center. Iguodala is inconsistent and overrated. His contract is ridiculous. Lee is a glorified Mark Madsen. He can give the double-double, when triple-double talent is what is needed to take this team to the next level. He’s highly spirited, but limited in ability. The current makeup of this team couldn’t reach the pinnacle even if Phil Jackson was coaching them.
    This was before they fired Jackson. Now I think Curry and Thompson should be traded so they can salvage their careers. The next coach won’t be nearly as effective as Mark Jackson, and this team will head back to the cellar. In their new, yet familiar role of simply being competitive while preparing other teams for the playoffs, your “must have them” list is adequate.

  • Randy

    I agree with the top 5. All though I seriously doubt Jermaine O’Neal comes back to GSW, especially if the coach that is brought in is SVG. My only real problem with the 5 you mention to release would be Kuzmic. When he first came to Santa Cruz I was not a big fan of his. His hands were weak and he was having the balls stolen from him or knocked away when trying for rebounds. However, that changed and I give credit to that to Coach Hill and Scalabrine. They got some good productivity out of him. It would of been nice to see him get some playing time in the playoffs, especially because I believe Hilton Armstrong was suffering with some sort of injury and not as strong as he can be.

    Nedovic can be a good player, but unfortunately he just happens to be on a team that will not allow for some decent playing time. He would benefit from some more D League time to help him make better decisions with his shots. He also needs to do something to help him prevent injuries, because he was knocked around a bit in Santa Cruz. One game alone he suffered an elbow injury and concussion.